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20.06.2018 | Thematic Section: 4th World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering | Ausgabe 2/2018 Open Access

Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation 2/2018

An ICME Process Chain for Diffusion Brazing of Alloy 247

Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation > Ausgabe 2/2018
B. Böttger, R. Altenfeld, G. Laschet, G. J. Schmitz, B. Stöhr, B. Burbaum


A virtual process chain for diffusion brazing of Ni-based superalloys is presented for the example of Alloy 247. Besides phase-field simulation of different brazing processes, the chain includes solidification with equiaxed and columnar microstructures, heat treatment processes, and annealing and rafting of γ’-precipitates in 3D, as well as conversion of the resulting microstructures into finite element meshes for further evaluation of their properties by FE approaches. The challenges of setting-up a seamless simulation chain are discussed, and the importance of a correct and comprehensive handling of the relevant microstructural quantities is highlighted. Special focus is given to the initial specification and the further evolution of segregation patterns of the different alloying elements in this complex alloy system. The data describing these patterns may originate from experiments or may be generated by prior simulation runs. The description of phase transformations like melting, solidification, or precipitation further requires the simulation of diffusion of numerous chemical elements and their redistribution between existing and newly forming phases. Such multicomponent systems thus require thermodynamic and mobility data which typically are provided by Calphad-type computational tools and databases.
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