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Ausgabe 2-3/2024

Inhalt (14 Artikel)


Realities of the Market

Marc Ziegler

Cover Story

Rapid Defossilization

Thomas Schneider

Cover Story

Future Powertrain Topologies for Fuel Cell-based Commercial Vehicles

Christian Bessai, Gunnar Prietzsch, Hubertus Christian Ulmer, Ralf Wascheck

Cover Story

Reformed Methanol Fuel Cells as a Climate-neutral Drive for Commercial Vehicles

Gero Walter, Karl Huber, Grazian Eller, Mirjam Meusel


Methods for the Development of Safe Lithium-ion Batteries

Julian Zoller, Hoomaan Khosravi Hafshejani, Morten Kronstedt, Mareike Schmalz


Electric Rear Axle Drive Unit for High-performance Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Martin Maaßen, Andreas Kutschke, Thomas Heuser, Thomas Huch


Advantages of Inverter Integration for Electric Drive Systems

Naser Almohammed, Dominik Gerstgarbe, Sachin Laad


Injection, Mixing and Auto-ignition of E-fuels for Compression Ignition Engines

Lukas Strauß, Lukas Weiß, Sebastian Rieß, Michael Wensing

Guest Commentary

Internal Combustion Engines for the Fight Against Climate Warming

Christian Herbst-Dederichs

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