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Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 5/2017

Ausgabe 5/2017

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 25 Artikel )

27.01.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Combined shape and topology optimization for minimization of maximal von Mises stress

Haojie Lian, Asger N. Christiansen, Daniel A. Tortorelli, Ole Sigmund, Niels Aage

03.10.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

A new approach to optimization of viscoelastic beams: minimization of the input/output transfer function -norm

Paolo Venini, Marco Pingaro

04.10.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Topology design of thermomechanical actuators

S. M. Giusti, Z. Mróz, A. A. Novotny, J. Sokołowski

07.10.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Coupling the cross-entropy with the line sampling method for risk-based design optimization

Ivan Depina, Iason Papaioannou, Daniel Straub, Gudmund Eiksund

12.10.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Design of pipeline opening layout through level set topology optimization

Jikai Liu, Yongsheng Ma

13.10.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

A VF-SLP framework using least squares hybrid scaling for RBDO

Xiaoke Li, Haobo Qiu, Zheng Jiang, Liang Gao, Xinyu Shao

15.10.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Identifying boundaries of topology optimization results using basic parametric features

Guilian Yi, Nam H. Kim

18.10.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

On curvature approximation in 2D and 3D parameter–free shape optimization

Oliver Schmitt, Paul Steinmann

20.10.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Level set-based topology optimization for the design of a peltier effect thermoelectric actuator

Kozo Furuta, Kazuhiro Izui, Kentaro Yaji, Takayuki Yamada, Shinji Nishiwaki

23.10.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

An innovative H ∞ –norm based worst case scenario approach for dynamic compliance optimization with applications to viscoelastic beams

Paolo Venini, Marco Pingaro

25.10.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Non-newtonian laminar flow machine rotor design by using topology optimization

J. S. Romero, E. C. N. Silva

31.10.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

An efficient estimation of probability of first-passage in a linear system

Mahdi Norouzi, Efstratios Nikolaidis

10.11.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Optimal topology design for stress-isolation of soft hyperelastic composite structures under imposed boundary displacements

Yangjun Luo, Ming Li, Zhan Kang

15.11.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Topology optimization under thermo-elastic buckling

Shiguang Deng, Krishnan Suresh

23.11.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017 Open Access

Multi-fidelity wing aerostructural optimization using a trust region filter-SQP algorithm

Ali Elham, Michel J. L. van Tooren

25.11.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Direct computation of solution spaces

Johannes Fender, Fabian Duddeck, Markus Zimmermann

26.11.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Stress-constrained continuum topology optimization: a new approach based on elasto-plasticity

Oded Amir

29.11.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

A strain tensor method for three-dimensional Michell structures

Benjamin P. Jacot, Caitlin T. Mueller

30.11.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Optimal strengthening of no–tension structures with externally bonded reinforcing layers or ties

Matteo Bruggi, Alberto Taliercio

01.12.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Topology optimization considering fracture mechanics behaviors at specified locations

Zhan Kang, Pai Liu, Ming Li

02.12.2016 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 5/2017

Pareto surface construction for multi-objective optimization under uncertainty

Chen Liang, Sankaran Mahadevan

08.10.2016 | Ausgabe 5/2017

Time-variant global reliability sensitivity analysis of structures with both input random variables and stochastic processes

Pengfei Wei, Yanyan Wang, Chenghu Tang

17.10.2016 | INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION | Ausgabe 5/2017

Multi-objective and multi-case reliability-based design optimization for tailor rolled blank (TRB) structures

Guangyong Sun, Huile Zhang, Jianguang Fang, Guangyao Li, Qing Li

25.11.2016 | INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION | Ausgabe 5/2017

Topology optimization of energy storage flywheel

L. Jiang, C. W. Wu

29.11.2016 | INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION | Ausgabe 5/2017

An efficient lightweight design strategy for body-in-white based on implicit parameterization technique

Libin Duan, Ning-cong Xiao, Zhaohui Hu, Guangyao Li, Aiguo Cheng

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