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Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 6/2018

Ausgabe 6/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 26 Artikel )

12.04.2018 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

An ANOVA approach for accounting for life-cycle uncertainty reduction measures in RBDO: the FSAE brake pedal case study

José Romero, Nestor V. Queipo

25.05.2018 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Analysis of dataset selection for multi-fidelity surrogates for a turbine problem

Zhendong Guo, Liming Song, Chanyoung Park, Jun Li, Raphael T. Haftka

25.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Evolutionary topology optimization of continuum structures with smooth boundary representation

Daicong Da, Liang Xia, Guangyao Li, Xiaodong Huang

18.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Motion error based robust topology optimization for compliant mechanisms under material dispersion and uncertain forces

Xiaojun Wang, Xinyu Geng, Lei Wang, Ruixing Wang, Qinghe Shi

10.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Application of non-probabilistic sensitivity analysis in the optimization of aeronautical hydraulic pipelines

Wenxuan Wang, Changcong Zhou, Hangshan Gao, Zheng Zhang

14.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Topology optimization of steady Navier-Stokes flow via a piecewise constant level set method

Xiaoxia Dai, Chengwei Zhang, Ye Zhang, Mårten Gulliksson

23.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Non-probabilistic reliability-based topology optimization with multidimensional parallelepiped convex model

Jing Zheng, Zhen Luo, Chao Jiang, Bingyu Ni, Jinglai Wu

16.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Topology optimization of fluid flow channel in cold plate for active phased array antenna

Sihao Qian, Wei Wang, Chaoliu Ge, Shunxi Lou, Enming Miao, Baofu Tang

24.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Robust formulation for Reliability-based design optimization of structures

L. Saad, A. Chateauneuf, W. Raphael

30.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Multiple meta-models based design space differentiation method for expensive problems

Yongzhou Cai, Lei Zhang, Jichao Gu, Yicai Yue, Yuchao Wang

29.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Modeling and optimization of vibration response characteristics of the orbital sander based on surrogate model

Lingjian Shi, Beibei Sun

21.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Adjoint sensitivity analysis and optimization of hysteretic dynamic systems with nonlinear viscous dampers

Nicolò Pollini, Oren Lavan, Oded Amir

11.12.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

On objective functions of minimizing the vibration response of continuum structures subjected to external harmonic excitation

Bin Niu, Xiaomeng He, Yao Shan, Rui Yang

15.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

An integrated optimization for laminate design and manufacturing of a CFRP wheel hub based on structural performance

Fei Lei, Ruibin Qiu, Yingchun Bai, Chengfeng Yuan

28.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Optimal topology design of internal stiffeners for machine pedestal structures using biological branching phenomena

Heng Zhang, Xiaohong Ding, Xiaohu Dong, Min Xiong

28.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Reliability-based topology optimization of continuum structures subject to local stress constraints

Gustavo Assis da Silva, André Teófilo Beck

15.12.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Discrete Material and Thickness Optimization of laminated composite structures including failure criteria

Erik Lund

05.12.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

On efficient global optimization via universal Kriging surrogate models

Pramudita Satria Palar, Koji Shimoyama

04.12.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Topology optimization of continuum structures under hybrid uncertainties

Seyyed Ali Latifi Rostami, Ali Ghoddosian

06.12.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

A RBRDO approach based on structural robustness and imposed reliability level

Gonçalo das Neves Carneiro, Carlos Conceiçao Antonio

13.12.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

An improved support vector regression using least squares method

Cheng Yan, Xiuli Shen, Fushui Guo

15.12.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Fast solution of the inverse electromagnetic casting problem

T. J. Machado, A. Canelas, A. A. Novotny, J. R. Roche

03.05.2018 | REVIEW ARTICLE | Ausgabe 6/2018

Current and future trends in topology optimization for additive manufacturing

Jikai Liu, Andrew T. Gaynor, Shikui Chen, Zhan Kang, Krishnan Suresh, Akihiro Takezawa, Lei Li, Junji Kato, Jinyuan Tang, Charlie C. L. Wang, Lin Cheng, Xuan Liang, Albert. C. To

20.11.2017 | REVIEW PAPER | Ausgabe 6/2018

Probability-interval hybrid uncertainty analysis for structures with both aleatory and epistemic uncertainties: a review

C. Jiang, J. Zheng, X. Han

20.11.2017 | INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION | Ausgabe 6/2018

Kriging-assisted design optimization of the impeller geometry for an automotive torque converter

Jie Chen, Guangqiang Wu

01.12.2017 | INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION | Ausgabe 6/2018

Optimization of an auxetic jounce bumper based on Gaussian process metamodel and series hybrid GA-SQP algorithm

Yuanlong Wang, Wanzhong Zhao, Guan Zhou, Qiang Gao, Chunyan Wang

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