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Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization OnlineFirst articles

26.05.2020 | Research Paper

A general global-local modelling framework for the deterministic optimisation of composite structures

This work deals with the multi-scale optimisation of composite structures by adopting a general global-local (GL) modelling strategy to assess the structure responses at different scales. The GL modelling approach is integrated into the …

26.05.2020 | Research Paper

Adaptive in situ model refinement for surrogate-augmented population-based optimization

In surrogate-based optimization (SBO), the deception issues associated with the low fidelity of the surrogate model can be dealt with in situ model refinement that uses infill points during optimization. However, there is a lack of model …

25.05.2020 | Research Paper

Robust aerodynamic shape optimization using a novel multi-objective evolutionary algorithm coupled with surrogate model

The fruit fly optimization algorithm (FOA) is a newly developed bio-inspired algorithm that has exhibited enormous values in engineering optimization. In this study, an effective multi-objective fruit fly optimization algorithm (MOFOA) …

23.05.2020 | Research Paper

Continuous density-based topology optimization of cracked structures using peridynamics

Peridynamics (PD) is a meshless approach that addresses some of the difficulties and limitations associated with mesh-based topology optimization (TO) methods. This study investigates topology optimization of structures with and without embedded …

21.05.2020 | Industrial Application Paper

Multi-objective global optimum design of collaborative robots

Optimum design is proven significant for improving task performances of robotic manipulators under certain constraints. However, when it is utilized for collaborative robots (Cobots), there are still many challenges such as complex smooth surface …

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Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

· explores a wide range of topics dealing with optimization in solid (structural) and fluid mechanics (including CFD)

· covers multidisciplinary optimization when one discipline deals with structures or fluids

· examines closely related fields that are relevant to structural or fluid optimization

· is the official journal of the International Society of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (ISSMO)

The journal’s scope ranges from mathematical foundations of the field to algorithm and software development, and from benchmark examples to case studies of practical applications in structural, aero-space, mechanical, civil, chemical, naval and bio-engineering.

Fields such as computer-aided design and manufacturing, reliability analysis, artificial intelligence, system identification and modeling, inverse processes, computer simulation, bio-mechanics, bio-medical applications, nano-technology, MEMS, optics, chemical processes, computational biology, meta-modeling, DOE and active control of structures are covered when the topic is closely related to the optimization of structures or fluids.

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