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24.02.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 3/2018

TechTrends 3/2018

Student Perceptions of Active-Learning Strategies Utilized in a Drugs in Pregnancy Elective Delivered Synchronously Across Multiple Campuses

TechTrends > Ausgabe 3/2018
Lea S. Eiland


Active-learning activities can be successfully implemented into a course even when instructors are not in the same physical classroom as students. Technology can assist with synchronous distance education as well as facilitate active learning. This manuscript describes student perceptions of active learning activities in a re-designed drugs in pregnancy course that was delivered synchronously to two student campuses with the instructor at an off-campus site. Small and large group discussions, team-based learning activities, case scenario exercises, and a debate were conducted within the course. Padlet™ was the primary software technology incorporated into learning activities. Students reported positive perceptions of the various active learning activities and the technology used in the course. Students also stated they were beneficial for learning. In the post-course survey, students indicated that the course met their expectations overall. Students’ confidence levels for completing tasks related to the course materials significantly increased after completion of the course.

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