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Studies in Political Economy

Studies in Political Economy
6 Jahrgänge | 1987 - 1997

Alle Bücher der Reihe Studies in Political Economy

1997 | Buch

Normal Prices, Technical Change and Accumulation

This book presents the most significant theoretical articles by Bertram Schefold to illuminate the development and the present state of modern classical theory. It assembles twenty heavily discussed papers on joint production and fixed capital, choic

1992 | Buch

Classical Theories of Money, Output and Inflation

A Study in Historical Economics

This book challenges the conventional view that monetarism is a necessary part of classical economics and shows, in an historical account of monetary controversy, that the framework upon which classical analysis is based suggests an alternative …

1990 | Buch

Adam Smith’s Theory of Value and Distribution

A Reappraisal

1988 | Buch

Interest and Profit in the Theories of Value and Distribution

1987 | Buch

The Economics of François Quesnay

1987 | Buch

Cambridge Monetary Thought

Development of Saving-Investment Analysis from Marshall to Keynes