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Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry

Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry 5/2018

Ausgabe 5/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

01.09.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2018

On Application of Carbon-Containing Electrode Materials in Technology of Electrospark Alloying: Part 1. Peculiarities of Coating Formation Using Electrospark Treatment of Titanium Alloy OT4-1

A. E. Kudryashov, Zh. V. Eremeeva, E. A. Levashov, V. Yu. Lopatin, A. V. Sevost’yanova, E. I. Zamulaeva

01.09.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2018

Electrochemical Processes at the Bi0–Bi3+ Interface in Chloride Melts

V. F. Kozin, N. I. Buryak, A. V. Bliznyuk

01.09.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2018

Electrodeposition of Copper on Mild Steel: Peculiarities of the Process

Ya. V. Ivshin, F. N. Shaikhutdinova, V. A. Sysoev

01.09.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2018

Free-Cyanide Synthesis and Characterization of Cu–Zn Alloy by an Electrodeposition-Annealing Route

I. Abacha, S. Boukhrissa

01.09.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2018

Bending and Deformation Waves on the Surface of a Volumetrically Charged Cylindrical Jet of Dielectric Liquid Moving in Material Medium

S. O. Shiryaeva, A. I. Grigor’ev, G. E. Mikheev

01.09.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2018

Experimental Investigation of the Pressure Waves Generated by an Electric Explosion in a Closed Volume of a Fluid

A. P. Smirnov, V. G. Zhekul, Yu. I. Mel’kher, E. I. Taftai, O. V. Khvoshchan, I. S. Shvets

01.09.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2018

Kinetics of Antioxidant Activity of α-Tocopherol and Some of Its Homologues: Part 1. Review: Theoretical Model

E. Yu. Kanarovskii, O. V. Yaltychenko, N. N. Gorinchoy

01.09.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2018

Berry Leaves Extract as Green Effective Corrosion Inhibitor for Cu in Nitric Acid Solutions

A. S. Fouda, E. Abdel Haleem

01.09.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2018

The Effect of Time and Temperature of Nitridation-Oxidation Process on Properties and Corrosion Resistance of AISI 316L Steel

Milad Yazdkhasti, Sayed Ahmad Hosseini, Hamidreza Javadinejad, Hossein Zare, Mohsen Saboktakin Rizi, Hamidreza Abedi

01.09.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2018

Energy Conversion Processes at a High-Voltage Electrochemical Explosion in Limited Volumes

A. I. Vovchenko, L. Yu. Demidenko, I. N. Starkov

01.09.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2018

Comparative Study of Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Alumina Coatings Formed on 5754 Aluminium Alloy under Various Conditions

I. Kessentini, S. Zouari, A. Bakir, M. Bargui

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