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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development
2 Jahrgänge | 2018 - 2019


The MRW Series on Sustainable Development explores and examines a range of key sustainability questions, right from the abstract concepts, definition, criteria, and approaches around the subject of Sustainable Development to the examination of more concrete issues from policies and practices. Through various volumes looking at global scenario in general and Asia pacific in particular, the series introduces economic tools in sustainability, including cost-benefit analysis, environmental impact assessment, economic appraisal techniques, methods to deal with uncertainty and risks, and other methods to evaluate the impacts of policy instruments applied by governments to sustainability issues. Finally, the series advocates best practices on the part of produces, consumers and governments, while charting the future for sustainability.

Alle Bücher der Reihe Sustainable Development

2019 | Buch

Handbook of Green Finance

Energy Security and Sustainable Development

This handbook deals with various financial instruments, policies, and strategies in a policy-oriented approach for financing green energy projects. Recently, global investment in renewables and energy efficiency has declined, and there is a risk that it will slow further. Fossil fuels still dominate energy investments. This trend could threaten the expansion of green energy needed to meet energy security, climate, and clean-air goals.

2018 | Buch

Industrial Policy and Sustainable Growth

This volume looks at the critical issues of industrial policy and sustainability. It assesses the gap between how developed and developing countries have integrated sustainability issues in their industrial policies, and how they should have …