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01.01.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2016

TechTrends 1/2016

Technology and Teacher Education: A Brief Glimpse of the Research and Practice that Have Shaped the Field

TechTrends > Ausgabe 1/2016
Nesrin Bakir


Technology integration, an integral component of teaching and learning, has been widely investigated during the past several decades as teacher education programs have struggled to implement and model best teaching technology integration practices in the preparation of pre-service teachers. Initiatives led by educational organizations at the federal, state, and local levels have recognized these challenges and have, in response, allocated time, money, and effort to develop and incorporate methods to better prepare pre-service teachers to teach with technology. This report provides a brief glimpse at a number of these initiatives and reforms developed by the government, national professional organizations, accreditation agencies, and business collaborations that affect and strengthen the adoption of technology in teacher education programs.

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