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TechTrends 2/2019

Ausgabe 2/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

20.02.2019 | Editor’s Notes | Ausgabe 2/2019

Editor’s Notes

Charles B. Hodges

01.02.2019 | Column: History Corner | Ausgabe 2/2019

The Father of Distance Learning

Douglas Archibald, Sean Worsley

01.02.2019 | Column: Rethinking Technology & Creativity in the 21st Century | Ausgabe 2/2019

Creativity and Expressive Arts, Performance, Physicality and Wellness: a Conversation with Dr. Paula Thomson and Dr. Victoria Jaque

Melissa Warr, Danah Henriksen, Punya Mishra, The Deep-Play Research Group

07.03.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Six Key Elements Identified in an Active and Thriving Blended Community of Practice

Torrey Trust, Brian Horrocks

18.04.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

A Year in the Life of a Pilot Program for Implementing a Digital Clinical Experience Assessment Model

Lisa H. Matherson, James E. Hardin, Elizabeth K. Wilson

25.10.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Here or There Instruction: Lessons Learned in Implementing Innovative Approaches to Blended Synchronous Learning

Janet Mannheimer Zydney, Paul McKimmy, Rachel Lindberg, Matthew Schmidt

25.10.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Educational Professionals’ Decision Making for Professional Growth using a Case of Twitter Adoption

Lauren Tucker

30.05.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

The Perceived Value of Informal, Peer Critique in the Instructional Design Studio

Jason K. McDonald, Peter J. Rich, Nicholas B. Gubler

18.04.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Video-Based Teaching Playgrounds: Designing Online Learning Opportunities to Foster Professional Noticing of Teaching Practices

Heather Lynn Johnson, Joanna C. Dunlap, Geeta Verma, Evan McClintock, Dennis J. DeBay, Brandy Bourdeaux

25.10.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Attitudes of Afghan EFL Lecturers Toward Instructional Technology

Abdullah Noori

15.12.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Student Perceptions on the Role of the Classroom Environment on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

Tutaleni I. Asino, Alana Pulay

12.10.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Facilitating Molecular Biology Teaching by Using Augmented Reality (AR) and Protein Data Bank (PDB)

Parviz Safadel, David White

19.04.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Designing for Networked Collaborative Discourse: An UnLMS Approach

Bodong Chen

27.11.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Designing for Interdisciplinarity in Higher Education: Considerations for Instructional Designers

Iryna Ashby, Marisa Exter

12.11.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Instructional Heuristics for the Use of Worked Examples to Manage Instructional Designers’ Cognitive Load while Problem-Solving

Justin Sentz, Jill Stefaniak

09.03.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Developing an Open Textbook for Learning and Instructional Design Technology

Richard E. West

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