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03.05.2019 | Original Paper

Creating Animated Videos as an Innovative Instructional Alternative to Writing Essays for Presenting Research

This mixed-methods study investigated the potential of creating animated videos as an innovative instructional alternative to writing essays for research presentations from several perspectives, including learning achievement, student creativity …

02.05.2019 | Original Paper

Teachers’ Self-efficacy Matters: Exploring the Integration of Mobile Computing Device in Middle Schools

How can teachers be inspired to integrate technology properly into their teaching? As technology has been playing a more crucial role in classrooms, it is highly necessary to investigate how teachers perceive the benefit of technology and feel …

02.04.2019 | Original Paper

Accessibility in Online Courses: Understanding the Deaf Learner

Online education is more popular and widespread than ever before, serving millions of students each year. These online course offerings have great potential to reach new and diverse populations of students who might otherwise not have access to …

02.04.2019 | Original Paper

Elementary School Student Development of STEM Attitudes and Perceived Learning in a STEM Integrated Robotics Curriculum

Robotics has been advocated as an emerging approach to engaging K-12 students in learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This study examined the impacts of a project-based STEM integrated robotics curriculum on …

18.03.2019 | Original Paper

Impact of Bridging Strategy and Feeling of Knowing Judgments on Reading Comprehension Using COMPRENDE: an Educational Technology

The main purpose of the present investigation was to explore the effects of a newly-developed educational technology, COMPRENDE, on adolescents’ (N = 85) reading comprehension. More specifically, we explored whether exposure to COMPRENDE …

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