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22.10.2020 | Column: Guest Editorial

Where Do we Go from Here …

16.10.2020 | Column: Guest Editorial

Too Much Trojan Technology

15.10.2020 | Column: Guest Editorial

Current Trends (and Missing Links) in Educational Technology Research and Practice

It has historically been difficult to find reliable, up-to-date information about educational technology trends, such as what researchers are studying and what tools practitioners are using, thereby making it difficult for researchers and …

13.10.2020 | Column: History Corner

Sliding into the Past, Projecting into the Future: Examining the Development and Future of Projector Technology

The slide projector took centuries to develop, and its place in educational technology was not short-lived. Though originally an oddity and scarcely found in educational environments, projection technology gradually developed into different forms …

12.10.2020 | Column: Guest Editorial

Response to “Current Trends (and Missing Links) in Educational Technology Research and Practice” by Royce Kimmons

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