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Telecommunication Networks and Computer Systems

Telecommunication Networks and Computer Systems
9 Jahrgänge | 1990 - 2000

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2000 | Buch

Performance Guarantees in Communication Networks

Providing performance guarantees is one of the most important issues for future telecommunication networks. This book describes theoretical developments in performance guarantees for telecommunication networks from the last decade. Written for the …

1999 | Buch


Theory and Applications

Contemporary information networks are developing to meet social demands, and as a result new technologies and systems are being introduced. The fundamental problem in this process is the optimization of system dimensions and configuration for a …

1997 | Buch

Metropolitan Area Networks

With the continuing success of Local Area Networks (IANs), there is an increasing demand to extend their capabilities towards higher data rates and wider areas. This, together with the progress in fiber-optic technology, has given rise to the …

1997 | Buch

Optimal Load Balancing in Distributed Computer Systems

An important consideration in improving the performance of a distributed computer system is the balancing of the load between the host computers. Load balancing may be either static or dynamic; static balancing strategies are generally based on …

1995 | Buch

Multiservice Loss Models for Broadband Telecommunication Networks

Loss networks ensure that sufficient resources are available when a call arrives. However, traditional loss network models for telephone networks cannot cope with today's heterogeneous demands, the central attribute of Asynchronous Transfer Mode …

1994 | Buch

Scrambling Techniques for Digital Transmission

Scramblers and shift register generators (SRG) have been used for decades in the shaping of digital transmission signals and in generating pseudo-random binary sequences for transmission applications. In recent years more attention has been paid …

1993 | Buch


Theory and Applications

Telecommunications systems have been evolving from the conventional telephone network that mainly deals with voice, to the ISDN (integrated services digital net­ work) integrating voice, data and image. Moreover, the ATM (asynchronous trans­ fer …

1990 | Buch

Multiple Access Protocols

Performance and Analysis

Computer communication networks have come of age. Today, there is hardly any professional, particularly in engineering, that has not been the user of such a network. This proliferation requires the thorough understanding of the behavior of …

1990 | Buch

Computer Networks and Systems: Queueing Theory and Performance Evaluation

Statistical performance evaluation has assumed an increasing amount of importance as we seek to design more and more sophisticated communi­ cation and information processing systems. The ability to predict a pro­ posed system's performance without …