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Telecommunication Systems

Telecommunication Systems 4/2021

Ausgabe 4/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

The cell-free mMIMO networks: mathematical analysis and performance evaluation

Mohamed Shalaby, Hussein Mohamed Hussein, Mona Shokair, A. M. Benaya

05.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021 Open Access

Performance evaluation of DNS servers to build a benchmarking system of DNS64 implementations

Gábor Lencse, Attila Pivoda, Keiichi Shima

08.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Performance analysis of high-speed TCP protocols in LTE X2 handover under realistic operational conditions

Konstantinos G. Tsiknas, Kyriakos E. Zoiros, Thomas D. Lagkas

10.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

On the performance of OFDM and single carrier communication over wideband HF channel: theory and practice

A. Atef Ibrahim, Amr Abdelaziz, Moataz M. Salah

12.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Optimal packet length for wireless communications using reconfigurable intelligent surfaces

Ghassan Alnwaimi, Hatem Boujemaa

16.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021 Open Access

Dynamic spectrum access in terrestrial TV band: assessment of prospects in Kenya

Pawel Kryszkiewicz, Heikki Kokkinen, Jaakko Ojaniemi, Dennis Sonoiya

20.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

The MBSFN-based eMBMS using the method of Incremental Allocation of Radio Resource between Unicast and Multicast (IARR-UM)

Chung-Ming Huang, Meng-Lien Li

21.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

A secure communication method based on 6-D hyperchaos and circuit implementation

YuYan Bian, WenXin Yu

22.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Power allocation and temporal fair user group scheduling for downlink NOMA

Eray Erturk, Ozlem Yildiz, Shahram Shahsavari, Nail Akar

09.03.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Stochastic geometry modeling and analysis of downlink coverage and rate in small cell network

Mohamed Amine Ouamri

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