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Telecommunication Systems

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24.11.2018 Open Access

Enabling connectivity for tactical networks in mountainous areas by aerial relays

A general modeling framework for realistic performance evaluations of tactical mobile ad-hoc networks deployed in mountainous areas is presented. The framework is easily extensible, and can be eventually automated. It can be also used to generate …


Beamforming with 2D-AOA estimation for pilot contamination reduction in massive MIMO

The upcoming fifth-generation wireless mobile systems are projected to be commercialized in the year 2020 and are set to play the main role in massive multiple input-multiple output (mMIMO) integrated with the technologies of beamforming antenna …


Power allocation for asymmetric two-way fixed-gain AF relaying networks

In this paper, we investigate transmit power optimization in a network based on asymmetric two-way semi-blind amplify-and-forward (AF) relaying and opportunistic relay selection. After processing the asymptotic outage probabilities based on …


A certificateless signcryption with proxy re-encryption for practical access control in cloud-based reliable smart grid

Cloud computing has proven to be applicable in smart grid systems with the help of the cloud-based Internet of things (IoT) technology. In this concept, IoT is deployed as a front-end enabling the acquisition of smart grid-related data and its …


Overhead minimization of online codes

We introduce a novel method and two algorithms for designing efficient degree distributions with minimum overhead for online codes. The first algorithm is the general form for solving the problem of overhead minimization and the second one is an …

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Telecommunication Systems’ high quality articles examine the use of analytic and quantitative tools for the modeling, analysis, design, and management of telecommunication systems. Periodic special issues are devoted to a single topic.

A sampling of topics covered in the journal includes performance evaluation of wide area and local networks; fiber optics and photonic switching; DSL, ADSL, cable TV and their impact; distributed group decision support systems; cost benefit analysis and economic impact of telecommunication systems; standardization and regulatory issues; and cellular, mobile, and satellite-based systems.

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Bedingt durch die Altersstruktur vieler Kabelverteilnetze mit der damit verbundenen verminderten Isolationsfestigkeit oder durch fortschreitenden Kabelausbau ist es immer häufiger erforderlich, anstelle der Resonanz-Sternpunktserdung alternative Konzepte für die Sternpunktsbehandlung umzusetzen. Die damit verbundenen Fehlerortungskonzepte bzw. die Erhöhung der Restströme im Erdschlussfall führen jedoch aufgrund der hohen Fehlerströme zu neuen Anforderungen an die Erdungs- und Fehlerstromrückleitungs-Systeme. Lesen Sie hier über die Auswirkung von leitfähigen Strukturen auf die Stromaufteilung sowie die Potentialverhältnisse in urbanen Kabelnetzen bei stromstarken Erdschlüssen. Jetzt gratis downloaden!