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Telecommunication Systems

Modelling, Analysis, Design and Management

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Approximate expressions of packet error probability, throughput and delay for cognitive radio networks using fixed and adaptive transmit power

In this paper, we derive upper bound of Packet Error Probability (PEP), upper bound of delay and lower bound of throughput in cognitive radio networks. Our analysis is valid when the power of secondary source is fixed or adaptive. The secondary …


Implementation and efficiency analysis of composite DNS-metric for dynamic server selection

User requirements for a high availability and fast response time of network services require placing more than one server for accessing particular network service, often using multiple communication links and locations. Dynamic Server Selection …


Indoor human tracking mechanism using integrated onboard smartphones Wi-Fi device and inertial sensors

In indoor/outdoor environments, special cares need to be given to locate smartphones which are used by most of the people. Locating or tracking is valuable for those people who are in dangerous falling-situations or they are used for shopping and …


Evaluating the impact of service quality on the dynamics of customer satisfaction in the telecommunication industry of Jorhat, Assam

Service quality acts as an antecedent to customer satisfaction (CS). Evaluation of service quality in an enterprise is vital to improve productivity and increase CS. Usually, it is difficult to rate service quality due to the presence of vagueness …


Construction of a stable vehicular ad hoc network based on hybrid genetic algorithm

In vehicular ad hoc networks, the vehicle speed can exceed 120 kmph. Therefore, any node can enter or leave the network within a very short time. This mobility adversely affects the network connectivity and decreases the life time of all …

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Telecommunication Systems’ high quality articles examine the use of analytic and quantitative tools for the modeling, analysis, design, and management of telecommunication systems. Periodic special issues are devoted to a single topic.

A sampling of topics covered in the journal includes performance evaluation of wide area and local networks; fiber optics and photonic switching; DSL, ADSL, cable TV and their impact; distributed group decision support systems; cost benefit analysis and economic impact of telecommunication systems; standardization and regulatory issues; and cellular, mobile, and satellite-based systems.

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Globales Erdungssystem in urbanen Kabelnetzen

Bedingt durch die Altersstruktur vieler Kabelverteilnetze mit der damit verbundenen verminderten Isolationsfestigkeit oder durch fortschreitenden Kabelausbau ist es immer häufiger erforderlich, anstelle der Resonanz-Sternpunktserdung alternative Konzepte für die Sternpunktsbehandlung umzusetzen. Die damit verbundenen Fehlerortungskonzepte bzw. die Erhöhung der Restströme im Erdschlussfall führen jedoch aufgrund der hohen Fehlerströme zu neuen Anforderungen an die Erdungs- und Fehlerstromrückleitungs-Systeme. Lesen Sie hier über die Auswirkung von leitfähigen Strukturen auf die Stromaufteilung sowie die Potentialverhältnisse in urbanen Kabelnetzen bei stromstarken Erdschlüssen. Jetzt gratis downloaden!