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1. Families and Primitive Control Sequences

TEX has 325 primitive control sequences. The TeXbook, on pages 271–275, assigns a type to about half the primitives. Knuth’s types are internal quantity and five kinds of parameters (integer, dimen, glue, muglue, and token). I call each of the remaining primitives a command unless it is defined in terms of other primitives (e.g., \hfil). I call those derived commands.
David Bausum

2. Reference Pages for the Primitives

EACH reference page begins with a primitive’s name. The same line holds the primitive’s family, subfamily (if one exists), and a box that I call the mode box. The next line holds the primitive’s type and Plain TeX’s default value for the primitive (if it is a parameter). The rest of the reference page holds sections common to all reference manuals and sections that are TeX specific.
David Bausum


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