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Kluwer Texts in the Mathematical Sciences

Kluwer Texts in the Mathematical Sciences

A Graduate-Level Book Series

20 Jahrgänge | 1992 - 2004

Alle Bücher der Reihe Kluwer Texts in the Mathematical Sciences

2004 | Buch

Mathematical Modelling

Case Studies and Projects

Over the past decade there has been an increasing demand for suitable material in the area of mathematical modelling as applied to science, engineering, business and management. Recent developments in computer technology and related software have …

2004 | Buch

Lectures on Morse Homology

This book is based on the lecture notes from a course we taught at Penn State University during the fall of 2002. The main goal of the course was to give a complete and detailed proof of the Morse Homology Theorem (Theo­ rem 7.4) at a level …

2003 | Buch

Exercises in Functional Analysis

The understanding of results and notions for a student in mathematics requires solving ex­ ercises. The exercises are also meant to test the reader's understanding of the text material, and to enhance the skill in doing calculations. This book is …

2003 | Buch

Exercises in Abelian Group Theory

This book, in some sense, began to be written by the first author in 1983, when optional lectures on Abelian groups were held at the Fac­ ulty of Mathematics and Computer Science,'Babes-Bolyai' University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. From 1992,these …

2002 | Buch

Algorithmic Principles of Mathematical Programming

Algorithmic Principles of Mathematical Programming investigates the mathematical structures and principles underlying the design of efficient algorithms for optimization problems. Recent advances in algorithmic theory have shown that the …

2000 | Buch

Lattice Concepts of Module Theory

It became more and more usual, from, say, the 1970s, for each book on Module Theory, to point out and prove some (but in no more than 15 to 20 pages) generalizations to (mostly modular) lattices. This was justified by the nowadays widely accepted …

1998 | Buch

Exercises in Basic Ring Theory

Each undergraduate course of algebra begins with basic notions and results concerning groups, rings, modules and linear algebra. That is, it begins with simple notions and simple results. Our intention was to provide a collection of exercises …

1998 | Buch

Exercises in Graph Theory

This book supplements the textbook of the authors" Lectures on Graph The­ ory" [6] by more than thousand exercises of varying complexity. The books match each other in their contents, notations, and terminology. The authors hope that both students …

1997 | Buch

Partial Differential Equations through Examples and Exercises

The book Partial Differential Equations through Examples and Exercises has evolved from the lectures and exercises that the authors have given for more than fifteen years, mostly for mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry students.

1997 | Buch

Nonlinear Wave Dynamics

Complexity and Simplicity

At the end of the twentieth century, nonlinear dynamics turned out to be one of the most challenging and stimulating ideas. Notions like bifurcations, attractors, chaos, fractals, etc. have proved to be useful in explaining the world around us, be …

1996 | Buch

Discrete Hamiltonian Systems

Difference Equations, Continued Fractions, and Riccati Equations

This book should be accessible to students who have had a first course in matrix theory. The existence and uniqueness theorem of Chapter 4 requires the implicit function theorem, but we give a self-contained constructive proof ofthat theorem. The …

1996 | Buch

Basic Concepts of Synthetic Differential Geometry

Starting at an introductory level, the book leads rapidly to important and often new results in synthetic differential geometry. From rudimentary analysis the book moves to such important results as: a new proof of De Rham's theorem; the synthetic …

1996 | Buch

Fundamentals of Functional Analysis

to the English Translation This is a concise guide to basic sections of modern functional analysis. Included are such topics as the principles of Banach and Hilbert spaces, the theory of multinormed and uniform spaces, the Riesz-Dunford …

1996 | Buch

Elements of Survey Sampling

Modern statistics consists of methods which help in drawing inferences about the population under consideration. These populations may actually exist, or could be generated by repeated· experimentation. The medium of drawing inferences about the …

1996 | Buch

Problems and Exercises in Discrete Mathematics

Many years of practical experience in teaching discrete mathematics form the basis of this text book. Part I contains problems on such topics as Boolean algebra, k-valued logics, graphs and networks, elements of coding theory, automata theory …

1995 | Buch

The Queen of Mathematics

An Introduction to Number Theory

Like other introductions to number theory, this one includes the usual curtsy to divisibility theory, the bow to congruence, and the little chat with quadratic reciprocity. It also includes proofs of results such as Lagrange's Four Square Theorem …

1995 | Buch

Foundations of Linear Algebra

This book is an extensively revised version of my textbook "¥esodot HaAlgebra HaLiniarit" (The Foundations of Linear Algebra) used at many universities in Israel. It is designed for a comprehensive one-year course in linear algebra (112 lecture …

1995 | Buch

Elementary Analysis through Examples and Exercises

It is hard to imagine that another elementary analysis book would contain ma­ terial that in some vision could qualify as being new and needed for a discipline already abundantly endowed with literature. However, to understand analysis, be­ …

1995 | Buch

Introduction to Differential and Algebraic Topology

Topology as a subject, in our opinion, plays a central role in university education. It is not really possible to design courses in differential geometry, mathematical analysis, differential equations, mechanics, functional analysis that …

1992 | Buch

Differential and Integral Equations through Practical Problems and Exercises

Many important phenomena are described and modeled by means of differential and integral equations. To understand these phenomena necessarily implies being able to solve the differential and integral equations that model them. Such equations, and …