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01.01.2014 | Special Feature: Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2014 Open Access

Landscape and Ecological Engineering 1/2014

The effect of spring water on the growth of a submerged macrophyte Egeria densa

Landscape and Ecological Engineering > Ausgabe 1/2014
Kazuya Takahashi, Takashi Asaeda


We elucidated the effect of spring water on the growth of Egeria densa Planch., a widespread submerged macrophyte in Japan. We observed the longitudinal distributions of physical (water temperature, particle diameter of the bed sediment, sediment layer thickness, etc.), chemical [pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), phosphate (PO4-P), total nitrogen (TN), and total phosphorus (TP) content of the sediment, etc.], and biological (species composition, biomass, and growth rate) factors related to E. densa in the Kurohashi River, a spring-fed stream flowing into the Lake Biwa. It was found that E. densa growth rate from summer to autumn was negatively correlated to pH and DO, which implies that the low pH spring water increases the growth rate of the species. The growth rate was also positively correlated to the free carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration (r = 0.67, p = 0.02). These results indicate that the low pH spring water increases E. densa growth rate by affecting free CO2 concentration in water.

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