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13.02.2020 | Original Paper

The Fault in our Systems: LMS as a Vehicle for Critical Pedagogy

Kathryn R. Green, Haynes L. Chewning
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Postsecondary instructors and students alike perceive the primary function of a learning management system (LMS) as a means of static information dissemination, particularly assessment-related information such as grades. Subsequently, the most-used LMS features are those that facilitate such information transfer. Perhaps because of these usage patterns and perceptions, a growing number of scholars and practitioners are calling for alternatives to the LMS. This article argues, however, that the LMS is not limited to (nor designed around) its current use as a grade delivery service, but can, rather, be leveraged as a vehicle for critical pedagogy and praxis through technology. Specifically, we seek to explore some of the current uses and perceptions of the LMS in higher education, as well as considerations and implications for faculty and educational technologists working with these systems in higher educational contexts.

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