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The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 3/2020

Ausgabe 3/2020

2016-17 Real Estate Finance & Investment Symposium

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 7 Artikel )

06.07.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

2016–2017 Real Estate Finance & Investment Symposium

Joseph T.L. Ooi, Thies Lindenthal, David C. Ling

11.01.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Corporate Diversification and the Cost of Debt

Evidence from REIT Bank Loans and Mortgages
Irem Demirci, Piet Eichholtz, Erkan Yönder

12.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2020 Open Access

Is Financial Regulation Good or Bad for Real Estate Companies? – An Event Study

Martin Hoesli, Stanimira Milcheva, Alex Moss

07.07.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Investors’ Limited Attention: Evidence from REITs

Honghui Chen, David M. Harrison, Mahsa Khoshnoud

03.07.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2020 Open Access

The Pricing of Spatial Linkages in Companies’ Underlying Assets

Bing Zhu, Stanimira Milcheva

25.04.2019 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Reputation, Information, and Herding in Credit Ratings: Evidence from CMBS

Xudong An, Larry Cordell, Joseph B. Nichols

31.07.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2020

A Tale of Two Countries: Comparing the US and Chinese Housing Markets

Rose Neng Lai, Robert A. Van Order

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