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The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

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Distance to Headquarter and Real Estate Equity Performance

We study the effect of geographic portfolio diversification of real estate firms on their investment performance before and after the global financial crisis (GFC). In addition to previously used dispersion metrics, we also account for the …


Did Real Estate Professionals Anticipate the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis? Evidence from Insider Trading in the REITs

This research examines whether real estate professionals detected the property bubble and foresaw the consequent financial crisis of 2007-2008. By analysing the insider trading activities within REITs from 1996 to 2010, we find that REIT insiders …


Does Proximity to School Still Matter Once Access to Your Preferred School Zone Has Already Been Secured?

This paper examines the relationship between proximity to secondary schools and property values within three school enrollment zones in Auckland, New Zealand. Results indicate that, in the most sought-after school zone, house prices increase with …


Are Housing Wealth Effects Asymmetric in Booms and Busts?

Evidence from New Zealand

This paper investigates the effects of household indebtedness and housing wealth on consumption. To identify exogenous movements of housing wealth and leverage, we estimate housing supply elasticities for New Zealand urban centers. We construct …


The Information Content of NAV Estimates

This paper investigates whether analysts’ estimates of firm fundamental value transmit unique information to security markets. Previous work has not studied analyst value estimates because of the scarcity of the release of such data. This study …

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Recent times have seen an expansion of theoretical and empirical research on real estate using the paradigms and methodologies of finance and economics. Examples of this research include the working and structure of markets, the role of various institutional arrangements, the attention given mortgages and asset securitization, risk management and valuation, and public policy and regulation. The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics provides a forum for the publication of this research. Coverage includes urban economics, housing, regional science and public policy.

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