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The Journal of Supercomputing

The Journal of Supercomputing 11/2017

Ausgabe 11/2017

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 20 Artikel )

06.04.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Runtime prediction of parallel applications with workload-aware clustering

Ju-Won Park, Eunhye Kim

09.04.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Prioritizing the solution of cloud service selection using integrated MCDM methods under Fuzzy environment

Rakesh Ranjan Kumar, Siba Mishra, Chiranjeev Kumar

12.04.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

CCFinder: using Spark to find clustering coefficient in big graphs

Mehdi Alemi, Hassan Haghighi, Saeed Shahrivari

03.05.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Reconstructing permutation table to improve the Tabu Search for the PFSP on GPU

Kai-Cheng Wei, Xue Sun, Hsun Chu, Chao-Chin Wu

18.04.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Soft error resilience of Big Data kernels through algorithmic approaches

Travis LeCompte, Walker Legrand, Sui Chen, Lu Peng

11.04.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Unsupervised text feature selection technique based on hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm with genetic operators for the text clustering

Laith Mohammad Abualigah, Ahamad Tajudin Khader

24.04.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

A multi-parameter scheduling method of dynamic workloads for big data calculation in cloud computing

Ali Hanani, Amir Masoud Rahmani, Amir Sahafi

20.04.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

A fast Hough Transform algorithm for straight lines detection in an image using GPU parallel computing with CUDA-C

R. Yam-Uicab, J. L. Lopez-Martinez, J. A. Trejo-Sanchez, H. Hidalgo-Silva, S. Gonzalez-Segura

25.04.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Novel parity-preserving reversible logic array multipliers

Mojtaba Valinataj

29.04.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

An online valuation-based sealed winner-bid auction game for resource allocation and pricing in clouds

Alireza Salehan, Hossein Deldari, Saeid Abrishami

03.05.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Real-time workflows oriented online scheduling in uncertain cloud environment

Huangke Chen, Jianghan Zhu, Zhenshi Zhang, Manhao Ma, Xin Shen

29.04.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Security analysis of a publicly verifiable data possession scheme for remote storage

Zhiyan Xu, Libing Wu, Debiao He, Muhammad Khurram Khan

10.05.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

A parallel multigrid solver for incompressible flows on computing architectures with accelerators

Vassilios G. Mandikas, Emmanuel N. Mathioudakis

10.05.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Barrier coverage of WSNs with the imperialist competitive algorithm

Habib Mostafaei, Mohammad Shojafar, Bahman Zaher, Mukesh Singhal

15.05.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Improvement of workload balancing using parallel loop self-scheduling on Intel Xeon Phi

Chao-Tung Yang, Chao-Wei Huang, Shuo-Tsung Chen

17.05.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Memory allocation algorithm for cloud services

Anwar Al-Yatama, Imtiaz Ahmad, Naelah Al-Dabbous

08.06.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

The cost-effective fault detection and fault location approach for communication channels in NoC

Babak Aghaei, Kambiz Badie, Ahmad Khademzadeh, Midia Reshadi

16.08.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Efficient exploitation of the Xeon Phi architecture for the Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) metaheuristic

Felipe Tirado, Ricardo J. Barrientos, Paulo González, Marco Mora

08.05.2017 | Ausgabe 11/2017

Exploring correlation for fast skyline computation

Boseon Yu, Wonik Choi, Ling Liu

08.06.2017 | Erratum | Ausgabe 11/2017

Erratum to: Exploring correlation for fast skyline computation

Boseon Yu, Wonik Choi, Ling Liu

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