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The Journal of Supercomputing

An International Journal of High-Performance Computer Design, Analysis, and Use

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A Riccati-type algorithm for solving generalized Hermitian eigenvalue problems

The paper describes a heuristic algorithm for solving a generalized Hermitian eigenvalue problem fast. The algorithm searches a subspace for an approximate solution of the problem. If the approximate solution is unacceptable, the subspace is …


Deployment of real-time systems in the cloud environment

Interest in real-time systems has grown considerably over recent years, primarily due to significant increase in the use of smart technologies and latency-sensitive applications such as cloud gaming, audio/video streaming, and smart homes.


High-performance and deep pedestrian detection based on estimation of different parts

Pedestrian detection, despite the recent advances, still is of a great challenge to computer vision in wide range of diversified applications such as urban autonomous driving and intelligent transportation. Deep convolutional neural network has …


Research on navigation of bidirectional A* algorithm based on ant colony algorithm

To overcome the lengthy search time, massive space occupation, and overlong planned path of the traditional A* algorithm, this paper integrates the bidirectional search with the intelligent ant colony algorithm to obtain the heuristic function …


Applying the swept rule for solving explicit partial differential equations on heterogeneous computing systems

Applications that exploit the architectural details of high-performance computing (HPC) systems have become increasingly invaluable in academia and industry over the past two decades. The most important hardware development of the last decade in …

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The Journal of Supercomputing publishes papers on the technology, architecture and systems, algorithms, languages and programs, performance measures and methods, and applications of all aspects of Supercomputing. Tutorial and survey papers are intended for workers and students in the fields associated with and employing advanced computer systems. The journal also publishes letters to the editor, especially in areas relating to policy, succinct statements of paradoxes, intuitively puzzling results, partial results and real needs.

Published theoretical and practical papers are advanced, in-depth treatments describing new developments and new ideas. Each includes an introduction summarizing prior, directly pertinent work that is useful for the reader to understand, in order to appreciate the advances being described.

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