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The Journal of Supercomputing

An International Journal of High-Performance Computer Design, Analysis, and Use

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An efficient U-Net framework for lung nodule detection using densely connected dilated convolutions

Remote health monitoring is an important aspect especially for remote locations where standard medical facilities are not available. Smart cities use a similar concept to provide health facilities even when physicians are unavailable. Lung cancer …


The performances of iterative type-2 fuzzy C-mean on GPU for image segmentation

Fuzzy C-mean (FCM) is an algorithm for data segmentation and classification, robust and very popular within the scientific community. It is used in several fields such as computer vision, medical imaging and remote control. The purpose of this …


Efficient designs of quantum-dot cellular automata multiplexer and RAM with physical proof along with power analysis

In this manuscript, we first suggest a single-layer 2:1 QCA MUX with an ultra-low number of cells and high speed. Unlike existing designs, the output of the proposed design does not comply with the Boolean regulation and is produced using the …


The analysis of innovative design and evaluation of energy storage system based on Internet of Things

An Internet of Things (IoT)-based informationized power grid system and a hierarchical energy storage system are put forward to solve energy storage problems in new energy power construction in remote areas. The system applies IoT to construct a …


Efficient parallel edge-centric approach for relaxed graph pattern matching

Prior algorithms on graph simulation for distributed graphs are not scalable enough as they exhibit heavy message passing. Moreover, they are dependent on the graph partitioning quality that can be a bottleneck due to the natural skew present in …

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The Journal of Supercomputing publishes papers on the technology, architecture and systems, algorithms, languages and programs, performance measures and methods, and applications of all aspects of Supercomputing. Tutorial and survey papers are intended for workers and students in the fields associated with and employing advanced computer systems. The journal also publishes letters to the editor, especially in areas relating to policy, succinct statements of paradoxes, intuitively puzzling results, partial results and real needs.

Published theoretical and practical papers are advanced, in-depth treatments describing new developments and new ideas. Each includes an introduction summarizing prior, directly pertinent work that is useful for the reader to understand, in order to appreciate the advances being described.

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