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2022 | Buch

The Personal Finance Guide for Tech Professionals

Building, Protecting, and Transferring Your Wealth


Über dieses Buch

Gain a a basic foundation of essential personal finance issues and strategies, specifically geared towards tech professionals. The book will build on the concepts, such as going from the basics of investments to more advanced topics like alternative investments and tax strategies.

In the U.S., about 6 million tech startup employees have stock options. The result is that this can often be the biggest source of wealth, sometimes reaching into the millions. Yet there are many financial and tax complications that have been aggravated with the transition to remote work. This can mean lower returns and missed opportunities, and in some cases, employees may even be subject to actions from the IRS and local tax agencies.

The Personal Finance Guide For Tech Professionals is packed with actionable advice and covers the main areas that any tech professional will face.

What You'll LearnTrack and analyze investments with fintech appsImprove the results of freelance work, such as with strategies to lower taxesProtect your hard-earned assets with insurance and the establishment of entities like LLCs

Who This Book Is For

The main focus will be on tech employees who get equity compensation. This spans from entry level people to senior executives.


Chapter 1. Stocks and Bonds
The Core Investments
You can boil investments into two flavors: debt and equity. Debt is where you loan money earn interest. Then after a period of time, you will get your initial loan amount back.
Tom Taulli
Chapter 2. Mutual Funds and ETFs
An Easier Way to Invest
Investing is similar to baseball. The fact is that you will have lots of strikeouts, foul balls, and fly outs. This is the case for the newbie investors to the world’s best.
Tom Taulli
Chapter 3. Alternative Investments
Going Beyond Stocks and Bonds
Life insurance companies like MetLife, Prudential, and State Farm have traditionally invested heavily in bonds. These investments have usually provided safety along with competitive yields. They also are more predictable compared to stocks.
Tom Taulli
Chapter 4. Hedge Funds
Benefiting from Sophisticated Investment Strategies
In 1949, Alfred Winslow Jones created the first hedge fund. He was 48 years old and had no experience in the investing world. However, he was an avid reader of Fortune magazine, which inspired his thinking.
Tom Taulli
Chapter 5. Private Equity
Buyouts, Venture Capital, and Angel Investing
During the dotcom bust, Ben Chestnut, Dan Kurzius, and Mark Armstrong founded a web design agency. They not only built sites for clients but also for themselves. One was for e-greetings. But unfortunately, it did not get much interest from users. Yet there was a silver lining: It had a popular character that was a chimp. The founders would use this for another site, which was Mailchimp.
Tom Taulli
Chapter 6. Crypto
Digital Currencies, NFTs, and DeFi
In May 2021, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk hosted Saturday Night Live. In his monologue, he said: “To anyone I’ve offended I just want to say: I reinvented electric cars and I’m sending people to Mars in a rocket ship … did you also think I was going to be a chill, normal dude?”
Tom Taulli
Chapter 7. Hard Assets
Real Estate, Commodities, and Art
Hard assets are tangible and include real estate, commodities, artwork, collectibles, and so on. This is the oldest asset class.
Tom Taulli
Chapter 8. Asset Allocation
Where to Put Your Money
While at the University of Chicago in 1950, Harry Markowitz was searching for a dissertation topic. So one day, he was waiting for a meeting with a professor and overhead a conversation from a stockbroker. Markowitz wondered: Might the stock market be a good choice?
Tom Taulli
Chapter 9. Benefits
Retirement Plans and Health Insurance
An effective tool to recruit prospective employees is to offer attractive benefits packages and perks. Consider Block, which is a top provider of online payments (the company was formerly called Square). Some of the benefits include free meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; parental leave for mothers and fathers; and onsite services for acupuncture, massage, and meditation.
Tom Taulli
Chapter 10. Equity Compensation
Employee Stock Options, Restricted Stock, and ESPPs
In late 2021, Elon Musk polled his Twitter followers the following: “Much is made lately of unrealized gains being a means of tax avoidance, so I propose selling 10% of my Tesla stock. Do you support this?”
Tom Taulli
Chapter 11. Estate Planning
Providing for Your Loved Ones
Frank Slootman is one of the top CEOs in Silicon Valley. In 2003, he took the helm of Data Doman, which was a struggling storage startup. But he quickly transformed the company and growth surged. In 2007, he took the company public, and it was eventually sold to EMC.
Tom Taulli
The Personal Finance Guide for Tech Professionals
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