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The Review of Socionetwork Strategies

The Review of Socionetwork Strategies OnlineFirst articles

08.10.2018 | Article

Personal Identification Through Pedestrians’ Behavior

This article focuses on a new approach for personal identification by exploring the features of pedestrian behavior. The recent progress of a motion capture sensor system enables personal identification using human behavioral data observed from …

20.09.2018 | Research Note

Bookmarks Recommendation in Bibsonomy using Community Detection

Several academic social networks have emerged to help researchers who need to search for documents relevant to their interests. The recommendation has been adopted in many websites to suggest relevant documents to users according to their …

04.09.2018 | Article

A Statistical Analysis Between Consumer Behavior and a Social Network Service: A Case Study of Used-Car Demand Following the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011

When a large-scale disaster hits a community, especially a water-related disaster, there is a scarcity of automobiles and a sudden increase in the demand for used cars in the damaged areas. This paper conducts a case study of a recent massive …

20.08.2018 | Article

Impact of Online Customer Reviews on Sales Outcomes: An Empirical Study Based on Prospect Theory

This study examines the influence of the valence of online customer reviews on sales outcomes based on prospect theory. Numerous studies have revealed the importance of customer reviews in online marketing. However, only few studies have explored …

01.08.2018 | Article Open Access

Graph-Based Entropy for Detecting Explanatory Signs of Changes in Market

Graph-based entropy, an index of the diversity of events in their distribution to parts of a co-occurrence graph, is proposed for detecting signs of structural changes in the data that are informative in explaining latent dynamics of consumers’ …

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The Review of Socionetwork Strategies promotes data mining and data analysis for business and the economy through interdisciplinary research between computer science and the social sciences. The Review welcomes articles such as those dealing with business, economic and statistical analyses related to large-scale networks, and to huge amounts of data. The focus of The Review of Socionetwork Strategies is on empirical findings, methodologies, and theoretical and conceptual insights across areas of research in policy and in advanced information technology such as cloud computing, data mining, and multi-agent simulation. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, consumer behavior, corporate strategy, industrial organization, and government policy in the fields of finance, medicine, nursing care, and retail, for example.

This Journal is supported by Kansai University and Matching Fund Subsidy from MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).

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