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2021 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

4. The Sources and Spread of Populism: America

verfasst von : Richard W. Mansbach, Yale H. Ferguson

Erschienen in: Populism and Globalization

Verlag: Springer International Publishing



This chapter introduces a section of the book, regarding the spread of nationalist-populism focuses on the United States and the central role played by former President Donald Trump and his extreme right-wing nationalism, nativism, xenophobia, and racism in shaping U.S. between 2016 and his electoral defeat in 2020. Trump is an authoritarian, and the chapter opens with a discussion of authoritarian-populism and the threat it posed to liberal institutions and democracy in America. It describes his warm relations with authoritarian leaders like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who played a significant role in helping Trump to be elected in 2016. It describes his criticism of alliances, his unorthodox diplomacy, his hostility toward long-time allies and warmth toward foes, his contempt for science, his propensity to lie. The chapter discusses Trump’s populist policies, his impetuosity in making decisions, the chaos in his administration regarding issues such as Russia and trade, and the general inconsistencies of his policies.
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The Sources and Spread of Populism: America
verfasst von
Richard W. Mansbach
Yale H. Ferguson

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