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The VLDB Journal

Ausgabe 6/2023

S.I. : VLDB 2021

Inhalt (10 Artikel)

Open Access Editorial

Editorial: Special Issue for Selected Papers of VLDB 2021

Felix Naumann, Xin Luna Dong

Open Access Special Issue Paper

Practical planning and execution of groupjoin and nested aggregates

Philipp Fent, Altan Birler, Thomas Neumann

Special Issue Paper

Local dampening: differential privacy for non-numeric queries via local sensitivity

Victor A. E. Farias, Felipe T. Brito, Cheryl Flynn, Javam C. Machado, Subhabrata Majumdar, Divesh Srivastava

Special Issue Paper

Effective entity matching with transformers

Yuliang Li, Jinfeng Li, Yoshi Suhara, AnHai Doan, Wang-Chiew Tan

Special Issue Paper

PANE: scalable and effective attributed network embedding

Renchi Yang, Jieming Shi, Xiaokui Xiao, Yin Yang, Sourav S. Bhowmick, Juncheng Liu

Regular Paper

When hierarchy meets 2-hop-labeling: efficient shortest distance and path queries on road networks

Dian Ouyang, Dong Wen, Lu Qin, Lijun Chang, Xuemin Lin, Ying Zhang

Regular Paper

Incremental discovery of denial constraints

Chaoqin Qian, Menglu Li, Zijing Tan, Ai Ran, Shuai Ma

Regular Paper

Tempura: a general cost-based optimizer framework for incremental data processing (Journal Version)

Zuozhi Wang, Kai Zeng, Botong Huang, Wei Chen, Xiaozong Cui, Bo Wang, Ji Liu, Liya Fan, Dachuan Qu, Zhenyu Hou, Tao Guan, Chen Li, Jingren Zhou

Regular Paper

ByShard: sharding in a Byzantine environment

Jelle Hellings, Mohammad Sadoghi

Open Access Regular Paper

An analysis of one-to-one matching algorithms for entity resolution

George Papadakis, Vasilis Efthymiou, Emmanouil Thanos, Oktie Hassanzadeh, Peter Christen