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Use the tricks and hidden features in this guide to become more productive with Windows 10. You will save time, achieve more, and feel in control like never before.
Author Mike Halsey is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) awardee and technical expert. As the author of Windows 7, 8, and 10 Troubleshooting and support books and videos, he takes complex subjects and presents them in simple and straightforward ways. In this book, Mike helps solve the problems and issues that you are likely to face when you want to achieve more and get better results on your PCs.
What You'll LearnGet up to speed with Windows 10Use tips and tricks to boost productivityStay organized using searchManage settings and configuration, and network connections and devicesKeep yourself and your data safe and secureMake your PC more pleasurable to useWho This Book Is For

Everyone who wants to be more efficient and effective in Windows 10, at work, school, and home



Chapter 1. Getting Up to Speed with Windows 10

Do you dream? Do you watch people around you going about their daily tasks, and wonder how they’re able to achieve things you can’t, be more effective than you can be, or have more time for enjoyment? You’re not alone: at some point, everybody will have watched another person achieve what they would consider to be almost impossible.
Mike Halsey

Chapter 2. Making Your PC More Pleasurable to Use

You have no doubt changed the desktop wallpaper on your PC, probably many times. This means you know you can right-click in any blank space on the desktop to access the Personalization options. Did you know that’s there’s much more that you can do to make your desktop a more pleasurable space in which to work?
Mike Halsey

Chapter 3. Achieving More with Windows 10

It’s clear that there’s much that you can configure in Windows 10. There are many features that you can utilize that can make your working environment more pleasant. And we all know that a pleasant working environment is one in which most people do their best work.
Mike Halsey

Chapter 4. Productivity Boost Tips and Tricks

I don’t think there’s any doubt so far that there are a huge number of features included in Windows 10 that you can use to help boost your productivity and the enjoyment of using your PCs and devices. It doesn’t end there because there are a wide variety of smaller tools and features that can also help make your workday more pleasurable.
Mike Halsey

Chapter 5. Maximize Your Windows Experience

So far in this book, I’ve shown you a whole raft of features and utilities that you can use to help you become more productive when using your PC, and to help you enjoy the experience more. Individually they can perhaps seem quite complex and daunting, so I want to spend some time looking at how all of this fits together, so you can create a cohesive working experience, and how you can use some of the more useful features in more depth.
Mike Halsey

Chapter 6. Using Search to Keep Yourself Organized

If you really want to search in Windows 10, then File Explorer is the place to be. File Explorer contains a search box near its top-right corner.
Mike Halsey

Chapter 7. Managing Windows Settings and Configuration

Throughout this book, I’ve shown you settings in Windows 10 that you can change, that can make using your PC simpler, and help make you more productive. Microsoft Windows is the most highly configurable and customizable operating system there’s ever been. Literally everything from the way the desktop looks, to how long your battery lasts can be configured in some way.
Mike Halsey

Chapter 8. Managing Network Connections and Devices

Nobody can use a PC effectively without the ability to print, use USB and other hardware devices, or access networks and the Internet. Here we begin to deal with the more complex subjects that can appear daunting.
Mike Halsey

Chapter 9. Keeping Yourself and Your Data Safe and Secure

How many times have you heard a story on the news about a data breach, and that a company has lost the personal data of thousands or even millions of customers? You can probably name at least one, or remember hearing of one, straightaway.
Mike Halsey

Chapter 10. Maintaining a Stable and Reliable Working Environment

It’s very difficult to get any work done or be at all productive if your PC isn’t working, or isn’t working reliably, or is busy installing updates. One of the issues with Windows, especially in a business environment, is the installation of Windows Updates at the most inappropriate time, which means you’re sitting and twiddling your thumbs for… well, you have to guess.
Mike Halsey


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