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Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics OnlineFirst articles

09.08.2020 | Original Article

Flowtaxis in the wakes of oscillating airfoils

Many aquatic organisms from copepods to harbor seals are able to detect and respond to flow disturbances. The physiological mechanisms underlying such behavior remain a challenge for current and future research. Here, we propose a simplified flow …

05.08.2020 | Editorial

Special issue on machine learning and data-driven methods in fluid dynamics

In light of the emerging developments and applications of machine learning and data-driven techniques in fluid mechanics, we have put together a collection of papers written by some of the active research groups in these areas. These invited …

05.08.2020 | Original Article

Oscillations of a periodically forced slightly eccentric spheroid in an unsteady viscous flow at low Reynolds numbers

The equations governing the dynamics of a periodically driven micro-spheroid in an unsteady viscous fluid at low Reynolds number are derived. Its oscillation properties in the presence/absence of memory forces are reported. The core part of the …

31.07.2020 | Original Article Open Access

A priori tests of eddy viscosity models in square duct flow

We carry out a priori tests of linear and nonlinear eddy viscosity models using direct numerical simulation (DNS) data of square duct flow up to friction Reynolds number $${\text {Re}}_\tau =1055$$ Re τ = 1055 . We focus on the ability of eddy …

20.07.2020 | Original Article

Instability of natural convection in a laterally heated cube with perfectly conducting horizontal boundaries

Oscillatory instability of buoyancy convection in a laterally heated cube with perfectly thermally conducting horizontal boundaries is studied. The effect of the spanwise boundaries on the oscillatory instability onset is examined. The problem is …

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Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics provides a forum for the cross-fertilization of ideas, tools and techniques across all disciplines in which fluid flow plays a role, such as: aeronautical sciences, geophysical and environmental sciences, life sciences and materials sciences.

Of particular interest are papers that unravel complex flow physics through combined computational and experimental efforts or through a fundamental theoretical analysis that complements computational work.

The journal publishes scholarly research papers, invited review articles, brief communications, letters and comments on previously published papers. It addresses scientists, engineers and applied mathematicians working in all fields concerned with fundamental aspects of fluid flow.

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