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01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2015 Open Access

Optical and Quantum Electronics 6/2015

Theoretical study of population inversion in active doped MIR chalcogenide glass fibre lasers (invited)

Optical and Quantum Electronics > Ausgabe 6/2015
S. Sujecki, A. Oladeji, A. Phillips, A. B. Seddon, T. M. Benson, H. Sakr, Z. Tang, E. Barney, D. Furniss, Ł. Sójka, E. Bereś-Pawlik, K. Scholle, S. Lamrini, P. Furberg


We study the mechanism of the population inversion in mid-infrared fibre lasers based on a chalcogenide glass host doped with active lanthanide ions. Three lanthanide dopant ions are considered: terbium, dysprosium and praseodymium. We predict the relevant trivalent ion level populations and gain. The simulation parameters were obtained by fabricating and optically characterising a series of trivalent ion doped chalcogenide glass samples. We also provide simple analytical expressions that aid the design of the cascade lasing process.
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