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Theory and Decision

An International Journal for Multidisciplinary Advances in Decision Science

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Cheating in a contest with strategic inspection

We analyze a game between three players: two Athletes and an Inspector. Two athletes compete with each other and both may cheat to increase their chances of victory. The Inspector wishes to detect incidents of cheating, and performs tests on …

26.06.2018 Open Access

Partial cooperation in strategic multi-sided decision situations

We consider a normal-form game in which there is a single exogenously given coalition of cooperating players that can write a binding agreement on pre-selected actions. The actions representing other dimensions of the strategy space remain under …


Moral judgments, gender, and antisocial preferences: an experimental study

We study questionnaire responses to situations in which sacrificing one life may save many other lives. We demonstrate gender differences in moral judgments: males are more supportive of the sacrifice than females. We investigate a source of the …


Dictatorship on top-circular domains

We consider domains with a natural property called top-circularity. We show that if such a domain satisfies either the maximal conflict property or the weak conflict property, then it is dictatorial. We obtain the result in Sato (Rev Econ Des …


A network ridesharing experiment with sequential choice of transportation mode

Within the last decade, there has been a dramatic bloom in ridesharing businesses along with the emergence of new enabling technologies. A central issue in ridesharing, which is also important in the general domain of cost-sharing in economics and …

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Theory and Decision is devoted to all aspects of decision-making, exploring research in psychology, management science, economics, the theory of games, statistics, operations research, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and analytical philosophy. Moreover, it addresses cross-fertilization among these disciplines.

This journal draws special attention to experimentation in decision-making and its links to the cognitive sciences. It also addresses applications to various problems in management and organizational science, economics and finance, and computer-supported decision schemes.

Particular topics addressed include preference and belief modeling, experimental decision-making under risk or uncertainty, decision analysis, multi-criteria decision modeling, game theory, negotiation theory, collective decision making, social choice, rationality, cognitive processes and interactive decision-making, and methodology of the decision sciences.

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Theory Decis

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