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Theory and Decision

An International Journal for Multidisciplinary Advances in Decision Science

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12.11.2018 Open Access

Motives and comprehension in a public goods game with induced emotions

This study analyses the sensitivity of public goods contributions through the lens of psychological motives. We report the results of a public goods experiment in which subjects were induced with the motives of care and anger through …


Preferences over procedures and outcomes in judgment aggregation: an experimental study

The aggregation of individual judgments on logically connected issues often leads to collective inconsistency. This study examines two collective decision-making procedures designed to avoid such inconsistency—one premise-based and the other …


A refinement of the uncovered set in tournaments

We introduce a new solution for tournaments called the unsurpassed set. This solution lies between the uncovered set and the Copeland winner set. We show that this solution is more decisive than the uncovered set in discriminating among …

12.10.2018 Open Access

Risk preferences and development revisited

We obtain rich measures of the risk preferences of a sample of Vietnamese farmers, and revisit the link between risk preferences and economic well-being. Far from being particularly risk averse, our farmers are on average risk neutral and, thus …


The complexity of shelflisting

Optimal shelflisting invites profit maximization to become sensitive to the ways in which purchasing decisions are order-dependent. We study the computational complexity of the corresponding product arrangement problem when consumers are either …

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Theory and Decision is devoted to all aspects of decision-making, exploring research in psychology, management science, economics, the theory of games, statistics, operations research, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and analytical philosophy. Moreover, it addresses cross-fertilization among these disciplines.

This journal draws special attention to experimentation in decision-making and its links to the cognitive sciences. It also addresses applications to various problems in management and organizational science, economics and finance, and computer-supported decision schemes.

Particular topics addressed include preference and belief modeling, experimental decision-making under risk or uncertainty, decision analysis, multi-criteria decision modeling, game theory, negotiation theory, collective decision making, social choice, rationality, cognitive processes and interactive decision-making, and methodology of the decision sciences.

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Theory Decis

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