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The Complexity of Counting CSPd

Counting CSPd is the counting constraint satisfaction problem (# CSP in short) restricted to the instances where every variable occurs a multiple of d times. This paper revisits tractable structures in # CSP and gives a complexity classification …

09.08.2021 Open Access

FKT is Not Universal — A Planar Holant Dichotomy for Symmetric Constraints

We prove a complexity classification for Holant problems defined by an arbitrary set of complex-valued symmetric constraint functions on Boolean variables. This is to specifically answer the question: Is the Fisher-Kasteleyn-Temperley (FKT) …


Risk-Robust Mechanism Design for a Prospect-Theoretic Buyer

Consider the revenue maximization problem of a risk-neutral seller with m heterogeneous items for sale to a single additive buyer, whose values for the items are drawn from known distributions. If the buyer is also risk-neutral, it is known that a …


Radio k-chromatic Number of Full m-ary Trees

For a simple connected graph G = (V (G),E(G)) and a positive integer k, a radio k-labelling of G is a mapping f : V ( G ) → { 0 , 1 , 2 , … } $f \colon V(G)\rightarrow \{0,1,2,\ldots \}$ such that | f ( u ) − f ( v ) | ≥ k + 1 − d ( u , v ) …


Exact Multi-Covering Problems with Geometric Sets

The b-Exact Multicover problem takes a universe U of n elements, a family F $\mathcal {F}$ of m subsets of U, a function dem : U → { 1 , … , b } ${\textsf {dem}}: U \rightarrow \{1,\ldots ,b\}$ and a positive integer k, and decides whether there …

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