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01.12.2016 | Original article | Ausgabe 1/2016 Open Access

Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards 1/2016

Tools to operate and manage early warning systems for natural hazards monitoring in El Salvador

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Jacqueline Yamileth Rivera



This article explores the concerns from the institutions to include information from the field into geographical information systems (GIS). This task is becoming an essential action to strengthen and speed up the response to an imminent threat. Specially creating strategies supported by national plans such as risk reduction national plans, and climate change national plans among others.


The research is based on the case of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of El Salvador (MARN for its acronym in Spanish) that has performed various actions in monitoring disasters. The telemetry technology has started to be one of the main system for data collection. Despite the fact that El Salvador is a developing country, the first steps have been performed to form an integrated system.


To develop an effective EWS in the recent year the implementation of GIS is one of the tool to manage data. Among this, different software classified in principle as an open or proprietary source exists. The research explain how the monitoring center implements such a software as one of the main bases for the daily tasks that needs to be accomplished.


Therefore, we discuss two case examples to elaborate on the importance of this study (El Salvador case and Korean case). Presenting the procedures of both countries, the centers have started to use different tools that combine the use of open source software and proprietary software to develop applications that are easily understood by people and offers easy access and transmission in real time.


The final product proposes is to propose an integrated and comprehensive system, sharing information in the shortest time possible, and achieving a big database available to make risk assessments would be the main goals of such a system.
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