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These transactions publish research in computer-based methods of computational collective intelligence (CCI) and their applications in a wide range of fields such as the semantic Web, social networks, and multi-agent systems. TCCI strives to cover new methodological, theoretical and practical aspects of CCI understood as the form of intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and competition of many individuals (artificial and/or natural). The application of multiple computational intelligence technologies, such as fuzzy systems, evolutionary computation, neural systems, consensus theory, etc., aims to support human and other collective intelligence and to create new forms of CCI in natural and/or artificial systems. This nineteenth issue contains 11 carefully selected and revised contributions.



2015 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Management and Computer Science Synergies: A Theoretical Framework for Context Sensitive Simulation Environment

Carmen De Maio, Giuseppe Fenza, Vincenzo Loia, Aurelio Tommasetti, Orlando Troisi, Massimiliano Vesci

2015 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Improved Recommendation System Using Friend Relationship in SNS

Qing Liao, Bin Wang, Yanxiang Ling, Jingling Zhao, Xinyue Qiu

2015 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Bidirectional Analysis Method of Static XSS Defect Detection Technique Based On Database Query Language

Baojiang Cui, Tingting Hou, Baolian Long, Lingling Xu

2015 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

A Multilevel Security Model for Search Engine Over Integrated Data

Gansen Zhao, Kaijun Chen, Haoxiang Tan, Xinming Wang, Meiying You, Jing Xiao, Feng Zhang

2015 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Security Analysis of Two Identity Based Proxy Re-encryption Schemes in Multi-user Networks

Xu An Wang, Jianfeng Ma, Xiaoyuan Yang, Yuechuan Wei

2015 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Enabling Vehicular Data with Distributed Machine Learning

Cristian Chilipirea, Andreea Petre, Ciprian Dobre, Florin Pop, Fatos Xhafa

2015 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Adapting Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms to Heterogeneous Hardware

Carolina Salto, Enrique Alba

2015 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Eroca: A Framework for Efficiently Recovering Outsourced Ciphertexts for Autonomous Vehicles

Xu An Wang, Jianfeng Ma, Yinbin Miao, Kai Zhang

2015 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Coarser-Grained Multi-user Searchable Encryption in Hybrid Cloud

Zheli Liu, Chuan Fu, Jun Yang, Zhusong Liu, Lingling Xu

2015 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Quantum Information Splitting Based on Entangled States

Xiaoqing Tan, Peipei Li, Xiaoqian Zhang, Zhihong Feng

2015 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Zero-Tree Wavelet Algorithm Joint with Huffman Encoding for Image Compression

Wei Zhang, Yuejing Zhang, Aiyun Zhan


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