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Über dieses Buch

The book "TransMath - Innovative Solutions from Mathematical Technology" has been conceived as a tool for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. This publication is addressed to those companies with innovation needs that could be met through mathematical technology.

The book maps both existing and possible interactions and connections that enable technology transfer between Spanish mathematical research and industrial and business sectors. Businesses can determine the level of implementation and demand for such technology within their sector and understand the benefits and innovations achieved in other companies and industries with the application of mathematical techniques.

The information is classified into eleven sectors of economic activity: Biomedicine & Health; Construction; Economics & Finance; Energy & Environment; Food; ICT; Logistics & Transport; Management & Tourism; Metal & Machinery; Public Administration; and Technical Services.



1. Introduction

The research project Ingenio Mathematica (i-MATH), an initiative financed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, promoted a wide range of activities for the period 2006–2012 in order to improve the role of mathematical research in the Spanish sphere of science, technology and innovation, and increase the transferal of knowledge from Spanish mathematicians to business sectors. Specifically, two initiatives were developed in order to analyse the current state of mathematical technology transfer in Spain: the TransMATH Demand Map, which studies the knowledge, use and requirements for mathematical tools by Spanish companies, and the TransMATH Supply Map, which compiles both Spanish research groups’ experience in technology transfer and the key mathematical services they currently offer.
Peregrina Quintela, Ana Belén Fernández, Adela Martínez, Guadalupe Parente, María Teresa Sánchez

2. i-MATH Map of Demand for Mathematical Technology (TransMATH Demand Map)

The TransMATH Demand Map analyses the results of a survey of 5,176 Spanish firms belonging to ten different sectors of economic activity. This chapter presents the main conclusions of the study in relation to the level of knowledge and use of mathematical technology by Spanish companies (such as computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, statistical and operations research tools, and other mathematical techniques applicable to industry), the presence of personnel qualified in mathematics or statistics on their workforces, their requirements for mathematical services or qualified mathematicians or statisticians, and their interest in possible collaborations with universities or research centres.
Peregrina Quintela, Ana Belén Fernández, Adela Martínez, Guadalupe Parente, María Teresa Sánchez

3. i-MATH Map of Supply of Mathematical Technology (TransMATH Supply Map)

This chapter presents the supply and expertise offered in mathematical technology transfer by the 62 research groups belonging to the i-MATH Consulting Platform in 2011. Firstly, a general characterisation of the groups and an overview of each of them (contact information, research lines, etc.) are given. Then the main areas of mathematics in which the research groups are currently working are listed. Finally, the supply of mathematical technology and the current expertise of the 62 groups are shown by sector. In particular, detailed information about consulting and training expertise offered by the research groups is presented classified by sector, as well as their expertise in software development and use of free and commercial software.
Peregrina Quintela, Ana Belén Fernández, Adela Martínez, Guadalupe Parente, María Teresa Sánchez


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