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Total cost minimizing transit route structures considering trips towards CBD and periphery

The total cost minimizing approach to design transit systems is extended here beyond the usual dimensions of fleet (frequency) and vehicle size in order to examine the most appropriate spatial setting of transit lines as well. Motivated by the …


Effects of Taichung bus policy on ridership according to structural change analysis

Since 2001, the Taichung City Government has launched several policies to stimulate public transit ridership. Based on this successful experience of reforming the urban bus system, the aims of this study are to analyze the structural change in bus …


Simultaneous internalization of traffic congestion and noise exposure costs

This study elaborates on the interrelation of external effects, in particular road traffic congestion and noise. An agent-based simulation framework is used to compute and internalize user-specific external congestion effects and noise exposures.


Passengers’ response to transit fare change: an ex post appraisal using smart card data

Fare change is an effective tool for public transit demand management. An automatic fare collection system not only allows the implementation of complex fare policies, but also provides abundant data for impact analysis of fare change. This study …

23.03.2017 Open Access

Constrained nested logit model: formulation and estimation

A model of traveller behaviour should recognise the exogenous and endogenous factors that limit the choice set of users. These factors impose constraints on the decision maker, which constraints may be considered implicitly, as soft constraints …

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The journal Transportation focuses on issues of relevance to the formulation of policy, the preparation and evaluation of plans, and the day-to-day operational management of transport systems. It concerns itself with the policies and systems themselves, as well as with their impacts on and relationships with other aspects of the social, economic and physical environment.

Although the transportation needs of cities and nations around the world differ in detail, there is much benefit to be derived by sharing research findings and practical experience. Transportation lends itself to information exchange by publishing carefully selected papers which advance the international fund of knowledge. Transportation is relevant to all parts of the world: industrialized, newly industrialized or developing. Its mission is simply to help improve the transportation of people and goods by bringing an improved understanding of the subject to the theorists, practitioners and policy makers who study it.

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ADAS und autonomes Fahren mit ANSYS

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