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23.05.2017 Open Access

Changing roles and new perspectives: towards market orientation in public transport

The general international trend of increasingly subjecting the public transport industry to market principles has been concretized via various developments in many countries. In line with this trend, there is an increased interest in public …


Built environment, travel behavior, and residential self-selection: a study based on panel data from Beijing, China

The influence of the built environment on travel behavior has been the subject of considerable research attention in recent decades. Scholars have debated the role of residential self-selection in explaining the associations between the built …


Transit user perceptions of driverless buses

This paper reports the results of a stated preference survey of regular transit users’ willingness to ride and concerns about driverless buses in the Philadelphia region. As automated technologies advance, driverless buses may offer significant …


Trip misreporting forecast using count data model in a GPS enhanced travel survey

As Global Positioning System (GPS) technology advances, it has been increasingly used to supplement traditional self-reported travel surveys due to its promising features in capturing travel data with better accuracy and reliability. Realizing the …


Editorial: Contributions—authorship and data

‘ Transportation ’ will ask its authors for the contributions each author has made to a submitted paper. We follow with this many other journals across the sciences. It will help junior colleagues, as much as senior colleagues to clarify their …

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The journal Transportation focuses on issues of relevance to the formulation of policy, the preparation and evaluation of plans, and the day-to-day operational management of transport systems. It concerns itself with the policies and systems themselves, as well as with their impacts on and relationships with other aspects of the social, economic and physical environment.

Although the transportation needs of cities and nations around the world differ in detail, there is much benefit to be derived by sharing research findings and practical experience. Transportation lends itself to information exchange by publishing carefully selected papers which advance the international fund of knowledge. Transportation is relevant to all parts of the world: industrialized, newly industrialized or developing. Its mission is simply to help improve the transportation of people and goods by bringing an improved understanding of the subject to the theorists, practitioners and policy makers who study it.

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