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Tribology Letters

Ausgabe 1/2023

Inhalt (28 Artikel)

Original Paper

Preparation of Nanofluid of Lanthanum Borate Nanosheets and Investigation of Its Tribological Properties and Tribomechanisms in Different Base Oils

Jing Wu, Guangbin Yang, Shengmao Zhang, Yujuan Zhang, Lu Sun, Tianhua Sun, Laigui Yu, Pingyu Zhang

Open Access Original Paper

DLC-Coated Thermoplastics: Tribological Analyses Under Dry and Lubricated Sliding Conditions

K. Bobzin, C. Kalscheuer, M. Thiex, P. Sperka, M. Hartl, S. Reitschuster, E. Maier, T. Lohner, K. Stahl

Open Access Original Paper

Application of Tribological Artificial Neural Networks in Machine Elements

J. Walker, H. Questa, A. Raman, M. Ahmed, M. Mohammadpour, S. R. Bewsher, G. Offner

Original Paper

Ultralow Wear Behavior of Iron–Cobalt-Filled PTFE Composites

Kylie E. Van Meter, Tomas F. Babuska, Christopher P. Junk, Kasey L. Campbell, Mark A. Sidebottom, Tomas Grejtak, Andrew B. Kustas, Brandon A. Krick

Original Paper

Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Plastic Domain Evolution of Wavy Surfaces During Contact

Jiaxin Huang, Xiaoyue Zhang, Chen Sun, Jubing Chen

Open Access Original Paper

Wear Induced Sub-surface Deformation Characteristics of a 26 Wt% Cr White Cast Iron Subjected to a Destabilization Heat Treatment

U. Pranav Nayak, Florian Schäfer, Frank Mücklich, María Agustina Guitar

Open Access Original Paper

On the Elastohydrodynamic Film-Forming Properties of Metalworking Fluids and Oil-in-Water Emulsions

H. C. Liu, F. Pape, Y. Zhao, L. Ellersiek, B. Denkena, G. Poll

Open Access Original Paper

The Flow of Lubricant as a Mist in the Piston Assembly and Crankcase of a Fired Gasoline Engine

Christopher J. Dyson, Martin Priest, Peter M. Lee

Original Paper

Lubricity Characters in van der Waals SnS2/Graphene and SnS2/NbTe2 Ohmic Interface

Hong Li, Qiaohui Wang, Lina Si, Zhaoliang Dou, Hongjuan Yan, Ye Yang, Gang Zhou, Tao Qing, Shaohua Zhang, Fengbin Liu

Open Access Original Paper

Influence of Defects in Graphene-Like Network of Diamond-Like Carbon on Silica Scale Adhesion

Y. Nakashima, N. Umehara, H. Kousaka, T. Tokoroyama, M. Murashima, K. Murakami

Original Paper

Enhancing the Tribological Performance of MoS Coatings in Humid Environments with the Addition of BiS

Germán Prieto, Bruno Pilotti, Germán Sobanski, Jairo Bajos, Walter R. Tuckart, Mariana Dennehy

Open Access Original Paper

Influence of Surface Roughness on Press Fits

B. N. J. Persson

Original Paper

Dependency of Lithium Complex Grease on the Size of hBN Particles for Enhanced Performance

Nikhil Kumar, Vinay Saini, Jayashree Bijwe


Study on the Fretting Wear Evolution Model of Wires with Curvature Inside Metal Rubber

Hongyin Li, Zhiying Ren, Xingliang Su, Liangliang Shen, Jianmeng Huang

Original Paper

Study of Stickiness Perception of Fabrics Based on Friction and ERP Method

Xingxing Fang, Wei Tang, Chaoquan Tang, Meimei Zhang, Yuxing Peng

Original Paper

The Role of Fragility in Thermal Elastohydrodynamics

Scott Bair, Wassim Habchi

Open Access Original Paper

Experimental Investigation of Tribological and Rheological Behaviour of Hybrid Nanolubricants for Applications in Internal Combustion Engines

José M. Liñeira del Río, Ramón Rial, Khodor Nasser, María J. G. Guimarey

Original Paper

Effect of TiC Particles Addition on Tribological Behavior of Ductile Iron

Yu Zhao, Wei Zhang, Yingdong Qu, Shulin Dong, Rongde Li, Guoping Zhou, Ruirun Chen, Qi Wang, Wei Sun, Guanglong Li


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