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Tribology Letters

Ausgabe 2/2022

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Open Access Original Paper

Fluid Leakage in Static Rubber Seals

B. N. J. Persson

Original Paper

Organic-Sulfonate Functionalized Graphene as a High Temperature Lubricant for Efficient Antifriction and Antiwear in Water Based Drilling Fluid

Xiao Tian, Ningning Song, Guangbin Yang, Changhua Zhou, Shengmao Zhang, Pingyu Zhang

Original Paper

Novel Phosphate Organic Guanidine Salt Water-Based Additive with Integrated Anti-Friction, Anti-Wear and Anti-Corrosion Properties

Guoqing Chen, Chaoyang Zhang, Qing Huang, Qiangliang Yu, Zhaozhao Yang, Chunyu Zhou, Xiaoyan Yan, Ruozheng Wang, Bo Yu, Meirong Cai

Open Access Original Paper

On the Stability of Spinning Asteroids

B. N. J. Persson, J. Biele

Open Access Original Paper

Air, Helium and Water Leakage in Rubber O-ring Seals with Application to Syringes

C. Huon, A. Tiwari, C. Rotella, P. Mangiagalli, B. N. J. Persson

Original Paper

Effect of Ti3SiC2 Amount on Microstructures and Properties of TiAl Matrix Composites

Qin Zou, Zhichao Lou, Yong Guan, Yanguo Li, Jiangbo Xu, Yuanyuan Li, Lingyu Bu, Peng Wang, Yong’an Luo

Original Paper

Effect of Counter Material on Tribological Properties of CoCrMoSi Alloy

Ngoc-Phat Huynh, Koo-Hyun Chung

Original Paper

Influence of Natural Serpentine on Tribological Performance of Phosphate Bonded Solid Coatings

Zhengchao Xi, Jianbo Sun, Lei Chen, Haixia Cui, Yanjun Ma, Huidi Zhou, Jianmin Chen

Original Paper

Borophene: Provides the Possibility to Observe the Behavior of a Negative Friction Coefficient in a Rigid Interface

Yuanpu Xu, Xinghua Zhu, Ziwen Cheng, Zhibin Lu, Wenhao He, Guangan Zhang

Open Access Original Paper

Investigating the Influence of Friction and Material Wear on Triboelectric Charge Transfer in Metal–Polymer Contacts

J. L. Armitage, A. Ghanbarzadeh, M. G. Bryant, A. Neville

Original Paper

Wear Regimes of Fe–Cr–C Hardfacing Alloys in Microscale Abrasion Tests

Fernando H. G. Colaço, Giuseppe Pintaude

Original Paper

Numerical Simulation of Solid Particle Erosion of Alumina by Overlapping Irregular-Shaped Particle Impacts

Mohammad Mahdi Nekahi, Emiliano Villasenor Vazquez, Marcello Papini

Original Paper

High Wear Resistance of Ultralow-Wear Polyethylene with Different Molecular Weights Under Different Contact Pressure

Wen Cui, Shu Yang, Xiaogang Zhang, Yali Zhang, Yilun Shao, Xinle Li, Yanyan Bian, Xisheng Weng, Shixuan Xin, Zhongmin Jin

Original Paper

Explore the Tribological Effects of Two N-Containing Functional Groups on O/W Emulsion

Yinglei Wu, Emile van der Heide, Zhongyi He, Erik de Vries

Original Paper

Ionic Liquids Based on Chromotropic Acid: Excellent Lubricating Additives for Aqueous System

Peng Wang, Peng Gao, Lin Ma, Ping Wen, Yunyan Han, Rui Dong, Mingjin Fan

Open Access Original Paper

Non-monotonic Dynamics in the Onset of Frictional Slip

Kasra Farain, Daniel Bonn

Original Paper

Addition of Solid Oxide Particles for Friction Reduction

Le Van Sang, Akihiko Yano, Ai I. Osaka, Natsuko Sugimura, Hitoshi Washizu

Original Paper

Wheel Tread Wear Prediction of High-Speed Railway Train

Xueping Wang, Jun Zhang, Jianyong Zuo

Original Paper

Synthesis of MXene-Based Self-dispersing Additives for Enhanced Tribological Properties

Changzhi Zhou, Zhangpeng Li, Shuwen Liu, Limin Ma, Tianrong Zhan, Jinqing Wang

Original Paper

Prandtl–Tomlinson-Type Models for Coupled Molecular Sliding Friction: Chain-Length Dependence of Friction of Self-assembled Monolayers

Kaiming Hou, Robert Bavisotto, Sergio Javier Manzi, Eliseo Joaquín Perez, Octavio Javier Furlong, Peter Kotvis, Germaine Djuidje Kenmoe, Wilfred T. Tysoe


Review of Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Phosphonium Ionic Liquid Lubricants

Ting Liu, Pawan Panwar, Arash Khajeh, Md Hafizur Rahman, Pradeep L. Menezes, Ashlie Martini

Open Access Tribology Methods

Height-Averaged Navier–Stokes Solver for Hydrodynamic Lubrication

Hannes Holey, Andrea Codrignani, Peter Gumbsch, Lars Pastewka

Tribology Methods

A Tribometric Device for the Rolling Contact of Soft Elastomers

Brodie K. Hoyer, Rong Long, Mark E. Rentschler

Open Access Tribology Methods

Evaluation of Wear Measurement with Radioactive Isotopes for DLC Coatings Affected by Abrasive Particles

Manuel Zellhofer, Martin Jech, Ewald Badisch, Ferenc Ditrói, Andreas Kübler, Paul Heinz Mayrhofer

Tribology Methods

Enhancement of a Tribometer Device Dedicated to Quasi-Static Friction Conditions Under High Pressure

R. Massion, C. Franoux, C. Dureau, J. Vincent, L. Faure, S. Philippon

Open Access Invited Viewpoint

Derjaguin and the DMT Theory: A Farewell to DMT?

J. A. Greenwood


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