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Tribology Letters

Ausgabe 4/2021

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Activation Volume in Shear-Driven Chemical Reactions

Ashlie Martini, Seong H. Kim

Original Paper

Friction and Wear Properties of Copper Matrix Composites with CNTs/Cu Composite Foams as Reinforcing Skeletons

Congzhen Wang, Zhong Wu, Fengxian Li, Xueping Gan, Jingmei Tao, Jianhong Yi, Yichun Liu

Original Paper

The Influence of Friction Blocks Connection Configuration on High-Speed Railway Brake Systems Performance

J. B. Yin, Y. K. Wu, C. Lu, W. Chen, J. L. Mo, Z. R. Zhou

Open Access Original Paper

Towards a Polymer-Brush-Based Friction Modifier for Oil

Tobias A. Gmür, Joydeb Mandal, Juliette Cayer-Barrioz, Nicholas D. Spencer

Original Paper

Differences in Wear Tongue Development: Thermal Degrade Effect on the Tribological Behavior of FKM O-Ring Seals

Kun Qin, Qin Zhou, Kai Zhang, Shuaishuai Li, Minghao Lv, Bairu Xia, Shixin Bai

Open Access Original Paper

Tribofilm Formation of Simulated Gear Contact Along the Line of Action

Reza Bayat, Arto Lehtovaara

Original Paper

Friction Contrast of High-Purity Titanium in Microscale

Zhifeng Shi, Yanfei Fang, Yu Tian, Liran Ma

Original Paper

Acoustic Emission Characterization of Transgranular Cracks in WC–Co Cemented Carbides During a One-way Scratch

M. Yahiaoui, M. Marconnet, K. Jlaiel, J.-Y. Paris, J. Denape

Open Access Original Paper

The Effect of Additive Chemical Structure on the Tribofilms Derived from Varying Molybdenum-Sulfur Chemistries

Aaron L. Barnes, Ardian Morina, Rhiann E. Andrew, Anne Neville

Original Paper

Multi-scale Contact Approach Considering Material Heterogeneity and Wear

E. Arfa, V. Magnier, P. Dufrénoy, G. de Saxcé

Open Access Original Paper

A Combined Experimental and Atomistic Investigation of PTFE Double Transfer Film Formation and Lubrication in Rolling Point Contacts

Stephan von Goeldel, Thomas Reichenbach, Florian König, Leonhard Mayrhofer, Gianpietro Moras, Georg Jacobs, Michael Moseler

Original Paper

Characterization and Tribological Performance of Polyethersulfone/PTFE Compound Filled with Na-Montmorillonite

Zhen Zuo, Yulin Yang, Laizhou Song, Zhijing Zhang, Xin Jin

Open Access Original Paper

A Numerical Model for Solving Three-Dimensional Rolling Contact Problems with Elastic Coating Layers

Yinhu Xi, Marcus Björling, Andreas Almqvist

Original Paper

Active Control of Boundary Lubrication of Ceramic Tribo-Pairs in Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Aqueous Solutions

Chenxu Liu, Jingbo Fang, Xiangli Wen, Yu Tian, Yonggang Meng

Original Paper

In-Depth Microstructural Analysis of Galling Deformation in Stainless Steels

T. Lesage, S. Bouvier, M. Risbet, P. E. Mazeran

Original Paper

Atomic Simulations of Deformation Mechanism of 3C-SiC Polishing Process with a Rolling Abrasive

Zhihua Yin, Pengzhe Zhu, Baozhen Li, Yimeng Xu, Rao Li

Original Paper

Prandtl–Tomlinson-Type Models for Molecular Sliding Friction

Sergio Javier Manzi, Sebastian Eduardo Carrera, Octavio Javier Furlong, Germaine Djuidje Kenmoe, Wilfred T. Tysoe

Original Paper

EBSD Study on Proeutectoid Ferrite and Eutectoid Ferrite Refinement Mechanism of D2 Wheel Steel Under a Rolling Condition

Jun Hua, Jinzhi Pan, Pengtao Liu, Guanzhen Zhang, Si Wu, Chong Su, Chunhuan Chen, Xiujuan Zhao, Ruiming Ren

Original Paper

High-Temperature Wear Behavior of Cobalt Matrix Composites Reinforced by LaF3 and CeO2

Qichao Ren, Gongjun Cui, Tengyu Li, Mostafa Hassani, Yanping Liu, Ziming Kou

Open Access Original Paper

Controlling Friction and Wear with Anisotropic Microstructures in MoN-Coated Surfaces

W. Schulz, F. Köhn, D. Kolb, M. Balzer, H. Riegel, J. Albrecht

Original Paper

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Sliding Friction Between Crystalline Cotton Fiber and Cr

Zhe Yan, Kaixiang Jiang, Wenjuan Fang, Hui Cao, Youqiang Zhang

Original Paper

Gel-Forming Mucin Improves Lubricity Across Model Gemini Epithelial Cell Interfaces

D. I. Pedro, D. T. Nguyen, J. G. Rosa, N. Diodati, J. Kim, J. I. Bowman, R. A. Olson, J. M. Urueña, B. S. Sumerlin, W. G. Sawyer

Original Paper

High Wear Resistance and Mechanical Performance of NiAl Bronze Developed by Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion

Wenzheng Zhai, Aidong Sun, Wenhan Zeng, Wenlong Lu, Xiaojun Liu, Liping Zhou, Jian Wang, Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Ibrahim

Original Paper

Superficial Modulus, Water-Content, and Mesh-Size at Hydrogel Surfaces

Diego I. Pedro, Duy T. Nguyen, Lucca Trachsel, Jose G. Rosa, Britney Chu, Stephen Eikenberry, Brent S. Sumerlin, W. Gregory Sawyer

Original Paper

Application of Continuum Damage Mechanics to Predict Wear in Systems Subjected to Variable Loading

Sahar Ghatrehsamani, Saleh Akbarzadeh, M. M. Khonsari

Open Access Original Paper

Lubrication–Contact Interface Conditions and Novel Mixed/Boundary Lubrication Modeling Methodology

Shuangbiao Liu, Q. Jane Wang, Yip-Wah Chung, Stephen Berkebile

Open Access Original Paper

Investigation of the Interaction, Rheological and Tribological Properties of Bis(pinacolato)diboron with Lithium Grease

J. Ren, K. L. Gong, G. Q. Zhao, X. H. Wu, X. B. Wang

Open Access Tribology Methods

A Multi-scale Contact Temperature Model for Dry Sliding Rough Surfaces

Jamal Choudhry, Andreas Almqvist, Roland Larsson

Tribology Methods

A New Method for Measuring Stress Inside Movable Element in Contact

Gonggui Yu, Jun He, Van Cuong Hoang, Ping Huang

Open Access Tribology Methods

Development of a Protective Coating for Evaluating the Sub-surface Microstructure of a Worn Material

U. Pranav Nayak, Johannes Webel, Valentin Pesnel, Frank Mücklich, María Agustina Guitar

Open Access Historical Note

A Note by K. L. Johnson on the History of the JKR Theory

Valentin L. Popov


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