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This brief will explore topics in computer science through the lens of Two Bit Circus, an engineering entertainment company based out of downtown Los Angeles. This brief examines the ways they apply computer science to a wide variety of applications, including interactive games, immersive adventures, and virtual reality. The authors demonstrate how technology can encourage children and adults to become more comfortable with the STEAM field. Educators and people interested in the ways that innovation and technology can solve current problems in entertainment, healthcare, education, and business will find this brief a valuable resource.

Two Bit Circus creates unique productions that encourage playful collaboration across multiple platforms in interactive and meaningful ways. The company produces high tech games and immersive entertainment experiences that merge physical and digital play.



Chapter 1. Swinging from Digital Playgrounds

The world is in the middle of a technological revolution, with computers and technology integrated into every aspect of modern life. We see the implications of this in the workforce, with jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields accounting for more than 10 % of jobs in the US, a number that is constantly on the rise (http://​www.​forbes.​com/​sites/​kathryndill/​2014/​07/​03/​the-top-paying-stem-jobs-for-recent-grads/​). Paradigms are shifting in the classroom to prepare our students for this new twenty-first century workforce with educators, administrators, and parents alike embracing technology as a way to enhance the educational environment. Two Bit Circus looks to support this consumer to creator mindset, offering curriculum, workshops, and professional learning focused on incorporating the creative design process into engineering as seen through the process of game making.
Elise Lemle, Katherine Bomkamp, Marcella Klein Williams, Elizabeth Cutbirth

Chapter 2. At the Intersection of Digital and Physical Play: The Lifecycle of a Two Bit Circus Game

What are the connection points between the digital and physical worlds? With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and ever-immersive gameplay, we are increasingly bridging the perceptible world of everyday items with the intangible possibilities of the digital realm. This chapter explores the intersection of the physical and digital realms through the design and creation of Two Bit Circus’ novel games.
Elise Lemle, Katherine Bomkamp, Marcella Klein Williams, Elizabeth Cutbirth

Chapter 3. Story Room: The Computer as Live-Action Storyteller for Adaptive Game Play

What is the gaming experience of the future? With the rise of escape rooms, immersive theater, and virtual reality video games, the diversity of next generation game play options are rapidly multiplying and recombining to form a new genre of immersive experiences. This chapter considers the factors that gave rise to this reimagined form of entertainment. By exploring Two Bit Circus’ Story Room and its show control system, Kyogen, this chapter considers the rise and possibilities of live-action adventure.
Elise Lemle, Katherine Bomkamp, Marcella Klein Williams, Elizabeth Cutbirth

Chapter 4. Virtual Reality and the Future of Entertainment

Virtual Reality (VR) is a form of immersive entertainment that is redefining traditional cinematic tools, practices, techniques, and narrative approaches. Two Bit Circus is leading innovation in this emerging genre of entertainment, creating VR content, inventing VR technology, and establishing new production processes in this 360°, 3D virtual reality space.
Elise Lemle, Katherine Bomkamp, Marcella Klein Williams, Elizabeth Cutbirth

Chapter 5. Interview with Brent N. Bushnell, Co-Founder and CEO of Two Bit Circus

The chapter is taken from interviews conducted with Two Bit Circus Co-Founder and CEO, Brent Bushnell by Two Bit Circus Learning Engineer, Katherine Bomkamp. In the interview, Bushnell recounts his early inspiration as an inventor and entrepreneur, the founding of Two Bit Circus, current opportunities in computer science, and the rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship.
Elise Lemle, Katherine Bomkamp, Marcella Klein Williams, Elizabeth Cutbirth
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