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Universal Access in the Information Society

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06.06.2021 | Survey Paper

Interaction of visual interface and academic levels with young students’ anxiety, playfulness, and enjoyment in programming for robot control

Young students’ engagement in computer programming has been recognized as a crucial issue in educational settings nowadays. In this study, a block-based programming approach was employed to investigate its impacts on the learning anxiety …

04.06.2021 | Long Paper

Usability evaluation of an electric-powered wheelchair driven by eye tracking

Studies indicate an increase in the abandonment rates of the use of Assistive Technology devices for several reasons: the non-participation of the user in the development of the technology, the lack of training and the non-adaptation of the device …

22.05.2021 | Long Paper Open Access

Usability evaluation of a virtual reality smartphone app for a living museum

This paper elaborates the empirical evidence of a usability evaluation of a VR and non-VR virtual tour application for a living museum. The System Usability Scale (SUS) was used in between participants experiments (Group 1: non-VR version and …

20.05.2021 | Long Paper

Design and evaluation of ECO: an augmentative and alternative communication tool

Current technology provides new challenges to improve skills on people with special necessities. In fact, persons with communications needs can take advantage of new devices and mobile applications to interact and communicate easily and in the …

15.05.2021 | Long Paper

Vocabulary recommendation approach for forced migrants using informal language learning tools

Learning a new language is a major challenge faced by many forced migrants. Current vocabulary learning curricula are not adapted to the migrants’ needs, which makes the learning process even more challenging. Today, the widespread use of …

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This journal addresses the accessibility, usability, and, ultimately, acceptability of Information Society Technologies by anyone, anywhere, at anytime, and through any media and device. Universal Access in the Information Society (UAIS) focuses on theoretical, methodological, and empirical research, of both a technological and non-technological nature, that addresses equitable access and active participation of potentially all citizens in the information society. It features papers that report on theories, methods, tools, empirical results, reviews, case studies, and best-practice examples.

The Journal's primary objectives are to:

- provide an archival publication channel for the discussion and advancement of theoretical and practical aspects of universal access in the information society

- facilitate the rapid and wide diffusion of scientific and technological results that promote universal access in the information society

- stimulate cross-fertilization between the different contributing disciplines.

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