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Bird and mammal use of vernal pools along an urban development gradient

Vernal pools in the northeastern US are of conservation concern primarily because of their role as habitat for specialized pool-breeding amphibians, but their use by birds and mammals may also be of interest, especially from the perspective of the …


Urbanization alters fear behavior in black-capped chickadees

Urban landscapes contain a multitude of novel sensory stimuli, and urban dwelling animals, such as songbirds living near human dwellings, must quickly learn how to respond to these unfamiliar cues. When exposure reveals that a stimulus is …


Depleted suburban house sparrow Passer domesticus population not limited by food availability

Little is known about the environmental factors that limit the demography and abundance of wild vertebrates in highly modified urban environments. The House Sparrow Passer domesticus is a globally widespread species whose urban populations have …


The impact of urban forest structure and its spatial location on urban cool island intensity

Urban forest can help decrease land surface temperature (LST) and create urban cooling effect (UCI) to mitigate urban heat island (UHI). However, it is still unclear how urban forest structure and its location affect UCI, particularly under …


Effects of long-term landscape dynamics and city growth on biodiversity in the Mediterranean: the case study of Montpellier, France

In the Mediterranean, long-term land-use changes have resulted into landscape mosaics composed of very few ancient woodland remnants scattered across extended post-agricultural woodlands. Patches of ancient woodlands are now suffering rapid urban …

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Urban Ecosystems is an international journal devoted to scientific investigation of the ecology of urban environments, and policy implications. The scope is broad, including interactions between urban ecosystems and associated suburban and rural environments. The ecology of urban forests receives special emphasis. Contributions span a range of specific subject areas related to urban environments: biodiversity, biogeochemistry, conservation, ecosystem ecology, environmental chemistry, hydrology, landscape architecture, meteorology and climate, policy, population biology, social and human ecology, soil science, urban planning and wildlife and fisheries management.

The Editor-in-Chief is Glenn R. Guntenspergen, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS/NRII), Duluth, MN, USA.

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Unsicherheitsabschätzung für die Berechnung von dynamischen Überschwemmungskarten – Fallstudie Kulmbach

Das vom BMBF geförderte Projekt FloodEvac hat zum Ziel, im Hochwasserfall räumliche und zeitliche Informationen der Hochwassergefährdung bereitzustellen. Im hier vorgestellten Teilprojekt werden Überschwemmungskarten zu Wassertiefen und Fließgeschwindigkeiten unter Angabe der Modellunsicherheiten berechnet.
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