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A Piecemeal Avalanche: the Uneven Topography of Statistics in Colonial Kenya, c. 1900 to 1952

The focus is on the limitations, politics, and spatiality of statistical knowledge in colonial Kenya, with particular reference to population and agricultural statistics. The objective is to contribute to recent debates surrounding the role of …


The Hungry Cities Food Purchases Matrix: Household Food Sourcing and Food System Interaction

The Food and Agriculture Organization ( 2008 : 1) defines food security as existing “when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an …


Urban Poverty and Inequality in Kenya

This paper explores urban poverty and inequality in Kenya. We use the 2009 Kenyan population census data and estimate multidimensional poverty and inequality measures in the capital city and other secondary cities and towns. The results of our …


Exploring the Interface Between Formal and Informal Real Estate Markets in Facilitating Legally Binding Transactions in Zambian Cities

Informality is the order of the day in most cities in the Global South. This paper explored the puzzle whereby informal activities result in legally binding real estate transactions in the city of Kitwe in Zambia. The paper conceptualises the …

10.08.2017 Open Access

On the Question of Using the Concept ‘Slum Tourism’ for Urban Tourism in Stigmatised Neighbourhoods in Inner City Johannesburg

Since 2012, there has been a significant growth in tourism in inner city Johannesburg. Some of this tourism materialises as walking tours in disadvantaged and relatively poor inner city neighbourhoods, some of which were until recently considered …

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This journal addresses the broad developmental issues of urbanization in the Third World, providing a distinctive African focus on the subject. It examines urban societies from a variety of perspectives, including: issues of local governance, the role of city planning in free market systems, and the impact of multiethnic and multicultural formations in urban affairs.

Urban Forum makes a special effort to examine specific cities in developing nations as legal and cultural entities in their own right. It functions as a core journal in sociology, political science and economics, as well as urban studies.

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