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Quietly Chasing Kigali: Young Men and the Intolerance of Informality in Rwanda’s Capital City

As Rwanda pursues its goals of becoming a middle-income country by 2020, it enacts increasingly intolerant policies towards informal traders—seeking to promote a clean, efficient, contemporary image of itself to the world. In its preoccupation …


The “Bigger Picture”: How the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2014 World Design Capital Events Conditioned Cape Town’s Urban Transformation

This paper explores how the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2014 World Design Capital events feed into the disjunctive experience of time in Cape Town. It demonstrates, via a timeline, how a set of contemporary global discourses around soccer and …


Settlement in Transition: a Transformation of a Village into a Small Town in Western Sudan

UN-Habitat projects Sub-Saharan Africa’s global share of the urban population to increase from 11.3% in 2010 to 20.2% by 2050. Yet little is documented about the underlying urbanization processes, particularly of emergence of small towns. This …


The Metrics of African Urbanization

The collection of articles on measuring urbanization in Africa emerges from research undertaken to inform analysis of urban food insecurity in secondary cities (under the auspices of the ESRC/DFID-funded Consuming Urban Poverty (CUP) Project.


Data Dilemmas: Availability, Access and Applicability for Analysis in Sub-Saharan African Cities

This paper is a reflection on the challenges of undertaking cross-country comparative research involving quantitative data in sub-Saharan Africa. It draws inspiration from the experience of attempting a comparative project involving the collection …

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This journal addresses the broad developmental issues of urbanization in the Third World, providing a distinctive African focus on the subject. It examines urban societies from a variety of perspectives, including: issues of local governance, the role of city planning in free market systems, and the impact of multiethnic and multicultural formations in urban affairs.

Urban Forum makes a special effort to examine specific cities in developing nations as legal and cultural entities in their own right. It functions as a core journal in sociology, political science and economics, as well as urban studies.

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