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Living on the Periphery and Challenges of Mobility: a Tale of Transport-Induced Social Exclusion in Southlea Park, Harare, Zimbabwe

This article explores how geographical location contributes to the social exclusion of communities on the fringes of the city. It uses a case study of Southlea Park, a low-income settlement on the southern periphery of Harare in Zimbabwe, to …


Spaces of Transformative Practice: Co-producing, (Re)Making and Translating Fractional Urban Space in Gugulethu, Cape Town

Reimagining neglected urban space offers the potential for social cohesion, integration, and connectivity. The intimate, interstitial or fractional spaces of a city represent a key component of social infrastructure in a neighbourhood. The …


Power Struggles on Urban Green Spaces in Kumasi, Ghana: Implications for Urban Policy and Planning

Managing urban green spaces effectively to a greater extent relies on the underlying powers (authority and resource capacities) entrusted to relevant stakeholder institutions. This paper assesses how power is regulated among major stakeholder …


Gendered Infrastructural Citizenship: Shared Sanitation Facilities in Quarry Road West Informal Settlement, Durban, South Africa

One significant component of the South African citizenship narrative is centred around the right to basic services and corresponding elements, including dignity and a healthy living environment. This paper employs the concept of infrastructural …


Isomorphism and Municipal Amalgamations in South Africa: the Case of Vhembe District

In 2015, the minister responsible for local government requested the Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) to restructure municipalities with a view to increasing their financial viability, a process that was duly conducted in 2016. This study …

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This journal addresses the broad developmental issues of urbanization in the Third World, providing a distinctive African focus on the subject. It examines urban societies from a variety of perspectives, including: issues of local governance, the role of city planning in free market systems, and the impact of multiethnic and multicultural formations in urban affairs.

Urban Forum makes a special effort to examine specific cities in developing nations as legal and cultural entities in their own right. It functions as a core journal in sociology, political science and economics, as well as urban studies.

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