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05.09.2018 | Vehicle Lightning | News | Onlineartikel

Magna and Rohinni Unveil Flexible, Thin-Film Micro LEDs

Patrick Schäfer

A joint venture between Magna and Rohinni has enabled the use of thin-film micro LEDs for automotive lighting technology. The new LEDs are said to be brighter, lighter and more energy-efficient than OLEDs, for example.

Magna and Rohinni have for the first time developed mass-producible, flexible, ultra-thin micro and mini LED lighting solutions designed for automotive applications. The almost unlimited range of applications includes great scope for individual design and hence brand differentiation between OEMs. The micro and mini LEDs should also be brighter and lighter than other lighting solutions, including organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).

Due to a new production technology, the micro LEDs can now be applied to a substrate surface with the required speed and accuracy, thereby facilitating volume production of the micro and mini LEDs. "This joint venture with Rohinni brings thin, flexible lighting technology that mobility has not seen before," says Magna’s CTO Swamy Kotagiri. The new joint venture, Magna Rohinni Automotive, is based in Holly, Michigan. 

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