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'There is no doubt', dr. Kevin Nunley wrote, 'the Internet really is the biggest gold rush of our lifetime. It is unlikely you or I will get another chance as big as this one to earn huge profits anytime in the next 100 years. Someday people will look back and judge us as one of two groups: those who didn't recognize the Internet revolution and missed the greatest chance of our age, and those who smartly made a place for themselves in the new business model that will dominate the future. It is time to get on board. ' Ing. Adrian Mulder Content Editor Adrian Mulder is an Internet journalist who writes for major business computing magazines. He combines a technical background with a vast experience in the computer and business trade magazine industry The Ultimate Internet Advertising Guide Acknowledgements Many people and professionals have contributed directly or indirectly to this book. To name them all would be practically impossible, as there are many. Nevertheless the editors would like to mention a few of those who have made the production of this book possible. Executive Editor for SCN Education BV: Robert Pieter Schotema Publishing Manager: drs. Marieke Kok Marketing Coordinator: Martijn Robert Broersma Content Editor: ing. Adrian Mulder Editorial Support Dennis Gaasbeek, Rob Guijt, Richard van Winssen Interior Design: Paulien van Hemmen, Bach. Also, we would especially like to thank dr. Roland van Stigt for laying a solid foundation for the Hon Guide series to grow on.



An Introduction to Online Advertising


Why Internet Advertising?

Does Internet advertising belong on your media plan? This is the question everyone is asking. The answer most certainly is yes, regardless of the brand you manage or the catagorie in which that brand competes. These are the facts: television audiences are migrating to the Internet and the Net is the fastest growing medium in history.
Tom Hyland

Internet Advertising

The potential of the Internet to provide an efficient channel for advertising and marketing efforts is overwhelming, and yet no one is really sure of how to best utilize the Internet for these purposes. It is clear that the costs, strategies and effectiveness of Internet marketing differ greatly from conventional marketing. As businesses use the Internet more, and the Internet users become more accustomed to marketing activities, Internet marketing is becoming more and more popular.

It’s an Ad, Ad World

Now that advertising on the Web has become commonplace, it’s time to impose some order A few tips on how to choose your weapon. How do advertisers ensure that their ads are seen by qualified readers? And what about managing where and when banners appear on a site? How does a Web site owner persuade advertisers to advertise on his site, and how does he get them to continue to advertise?
Lee Weiner

Webvertising in an Accidental Industry

The Internet, for all the miracles it has wrought in communications, is still a horrible way to buy a shirt. But it will get better, much better! In the world of advertising, ads on the Internet are a tiny drop in the bucket. In 1997, more than $185 billion was spent on all forms of advertising. That’s $460 per capita, Just under $600 million was spent on Internet advertising, a mere $2 per capita.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising on the Web

Because of the ease of editing HTML files, changes to web pages or ads can be made at any time. No other advertising medium can compare. On a cost per thousand basis, web cost are very low compared to other media.

BJ Webvertising Marketing Guide

The following reports will help you to employ some of the Internet Marketing techniques to increase traffic to your website and how to make visitors return to your site again and again. The following subjects will de addressed: “Top 10 reasons for having your own website”, “How to plan your new website?”, “Guide to good web design”, Choosing the right web hosting company“, “How to choose your domain name wisely?” and “How to promote your website offline?”.

Online vs Traditional Marketing


Channel One Banner Advertising Report

The Banner Advertsing Report is intended to provide on-line marketers with an in-depth understanding of the banner advertising market and the information needed to develop and execute profitable banner advertising strategies. The report is also intended to provide marketers with the knowledge to be able to deal confidently with interactive marketing agencies. It provides key figures on the banner- and on-line advertising industry the market size and growth, banner and ad spending by industry banner spending by model, banner advertising by advertiser, banner industry inventory, sites seeking on-line advertisers, click through rates and advertising rates,. The report studies the effect that banner ads have on branding. It compares banner to billboard advertising.

Executive Summary: The State of One to One Online

We found that 1 to 1 marketing online has advanced slowly since our first report in April 1999, and there is still a long way to go. Financial Services sites scored highest of all industry categories for several reasons First, they provide customers with Internet-based, easily digitized financial information and tools to manage their portfolios.

Web-based Sales: Defining the Cognitive Buyer

Marketing on the Web represents a radical departure from the traditional thinking. Traditional mass marketing channels broadcast information from as single source to mass audience. The relationship represents a one-to-many communications model where the entire audience is treated the same way. This article explores the forces contributing to the transformation of buyer behavior when buyers use the Web for making purchase decisions. These forces include trends in the marketplace, where products are becoming more complex and plentiful.
Paul Zellweger

Interactive Relationship Marketing

It is an embarrassingly common observation that the Internet is well suited for relationship marketing. But it’s less clear which technologies you need to make it happen. What type of database is suited? And note this: the database is much less important in the interactive world than the interactive application itself. So just what are those interactive applications anyway?
David M. Raab

Optimizing an Online Campaign


How Internet Advertising Works

This presentation reviews the research on the impact of different forms of online advertising, presents the authors’ analysis of the findings, and suggests directions for future research. The main conclusions are:
advertising on the Internet can be very effective;
for most forms of advertising, the Web should not be regarded as a substitute for advertising on traditional media. Rather, indications are that Internet advertising works best if it is part of a coordinated campaign that includes traditional media.
Rex Briggs, Horst Stipp

It Pays To Advertise. Effects of Business-to-Business Advertising on Decision-Makers: Results of Recent Research

The cost per contact of an advertising view in a specialized business publication is 32 cents. Getting an Internet contact costs 98 cents. A bulk mail direct mail costs $1.68 per contact. The other methods are far more costly: from $13.60 for a business letter to $277 for a sales call. In other words, the cost per impression of a B2B ad is less than 1/800 of the cost of a sales call.

The Seven Steps to Successful Direct Marketing

Are you in any doubt that direct marketing is growing in popularity? Judging by your own in-tray each morning — probably not. The average busy executive receives in excess of 60 items of mail per day (including the electronic variety). In the 1970’s direct marketing in the business to business field meant little more than catalogues and mail order. Today British businesses send a staggering 760 million pieces of direct mail per year, accounting for 32 percent of all British direct mail. (Sorry rest of the world, no figures were available at the time of going to press.) So why is this? What has fuelled this new love affair with the mail, and should you be joining the bandwagon?
Carey Hedges

Exploding the WEB CPM Myth

There’s a lot of chatter about Web cost-per-thousand (CPM) calculations. Can you compare Web ads with television ads? The truth is that for reaching high-income, well educated audiences, television CPMs are quite high, and Web advertising, in many cases, can actually deliver a lower CPM against the same demographics.
Rick Boyce

What Advertising Works?

Advertisers on the Web have three choices. They can built: 1) destination site; 2) micro sites, small clusters of brand pages hosted by content sites; 3) banner campaigns and other low-overhead Web advertising-like sponsorships. To understand which is best, advertisers need to ask: Can it be sold online and is it a considered purchase?
Bill Doyle, Mary A. Modahl, Ben Abbott

Increasing Advertising Effectiveness on the Web

This paper is divided into three parts. Part 1 focuses on the differences between rich, interactive advertising versus banner ads. In part 2 the best ways to target the mass market and overcome delivery issues are explained. In part 3 examples are given from AT&T, Citibank, Delta Airlines and other companies incorporating interactive media technology into their online ad campaigns.

Justifying the Web for Your Business

The Internet and corporate Intranets are changing the very foundation of private and business life and the World Wide Web is a key factor in this revolution. Establishing a Web site can be one of the most important business moves you make. Because of the enormous potential and significant investment involved, it is essential that you make this move carefully This paper discusses the importance of thoughtful Web site planning, effective implementation and continuing refinement in tapping the full potential of the Web. It presents a six-step process to ensure that your Web site meets your business objectives, now and in the future.

Collection of Marketing Articles

This collection contains a series of articles written by Dr Kevin Nunley. The articles give powerful marketing and advertising advice and strategies.
Kevin Nunley

Ways to Measure


Counting “Hits” Not Best Measure Of Web Success

Eric Schmitt, an analyst with Forrester’s Commerce Site Research team says using count of page views to determine if a business is performing well on the Web “is like evaluating a musical performance by it’s volume..”
Steven Bonisteel

The Dirty Truth About Click Throughs

Should advertisers pay for the number of eyeballs that visit a page and “see” their banners or the number of fingers that click a mouse on a banner and go directly to an advertiser’s site? In the meantime click-throughs rates are falling because:
The thrill is gone,
More directed traffic,
Banners have to work harder.

On-Line Advertising Campaign Measurement

How Cached Impressions and Varying Ad Serving Technologies Affect Reporting and Performance
Certain counting methodologies — specifically static ads, ad insertion and dynamic ads — ignore cached impressions. The end result is that publishers end up over-delivering impressions in order to make-up for those that are never counted. These impressions never show up on the buyer reports and so, in effect, buyers get more impressions than what they paid for and they receive performance results that are skewed and misleading. Cache busting does help but does not solve the entire problem because impressions viewed when a user hits the “back” or “forward” button on their browser are not always counted, even when cache-busting code is put in place.
Nicole Goldstein

Banner advertising more effective than tv or radio in luring web shoppers, according to Andersen Consulting survey

While most Web site banner ads are price-oriented, less than half of experienced web users cite price as the primary driving their web purchases, according to the survey.



9 Ways to Write Sure-Selling Ads

You must communicate the genuine benefits and authentic value of your product or service to prospective buyers in a compelling and persuasive way.
Binnie Perper

10 Tips to More Effective Banners

Don’t just sit around waiting for people to come to your site. You should be advertising it with banners. The banner should be animated. And yes, bigger is better and less is more.
Nick Bullimore

Webvertising In-Depth


Designing Catchy, Effective Banner Ads

When you create your banner ads, keep your options open. Ads are no longer just colored boxes with sonne text. By following some guidelines, you can quickly create ads that stand out on the page and still load fast.
Meredith Little

The Bigger Picture — Free Vs. Paid Advertising

There are really just two kinds of advertising — that which you pay for and that which you get for free. And both should have their place in your overall marketing strategy. The problem arises when one does not understand how and when to use each.

Technical White Paper: Advertising on the Web

This white paper explores the technical support that exists for advertising on theweb, and compares several techniques that make advertising possible. It is intended for people who need to understand the technical limitations and advantages of the web medium. Conclusion: no one method is right for everyone. Many methods are extremely complex to implement and get right — make sure to budget an appropriate amount of time and development resources.
Tom Shields

Generate and Tracking Response to Promotional E-mail

With the low cost of e-campaigns compared to conventional direct mail, you can mail and test more. This article shows what’s been working in e-mail campaign formats, copywriting, reply mechanisms, and response tracking.
Michelle Feit

Why E-Mail Lists Have Come of Age

You can get the same results from e-mail as postal mail, but quicker. The biggest hurdle in e-mail marketing is finding enough e-mail addresses to support great results on a large scale. Most companies only have a portion of their database coded with e-mail addresses and of those coded, as many as 30 percent returned as undeliverable.
Michelle Feit


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