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Wireless Personal Communications

Wireless Personal Communications 2/2020

Ausgabe 2/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 45 Artikel )

22.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Co-REERP: Cooperative Reliable and Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Intra Body Sensor Network (Intra-WBSN)

Tarique Rashid, Sunil Kumar, Akshay Verma, Prateek Raj Gautam, Arvind Kumar

23.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

OMCPR: Optimal Mobility Aware Cache Data Pre-fetching and Replacement Policy Using Spatial K-Anonymity for LBS

Ajay K. Gupta, Udai Shanker

25.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

A New Mathematical and Correlation Coefficient Based Approach to Recognize and to Obstruct the Black Hole Attacks in Manets Using DSR Routing

M. Thebiga, R. SujiPramila

23.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Real Time Image Encoding for Fast IOT (Internet of Things) Based Video Vigilance System

Ali Akbar Siddique, Zia Mohy-Ud-Din, M. Tahir Qadri

24.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Abnormal Acoustic Event Detection Based on Orthogonal Matching Pursuit in Security Surveillance System

Pengnan Zhang, Juan Wei, Zhe Liu, Fangli Ning

23.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

The Threats of Infrastructure Obsolescence to Smart Grid: A Case Study

Samuel Tweneboah-Koduah, Ramjee Prasad

28.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

FT-SDN: A Fault-Tolerant Distributed Architecture for Software Defined Network

Rohit Kumar Das, Fabiola Hazel Pohrmen, Arnab Kumar Maji, Goutam Saha

23.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

A Novel Artificial Intelligence Based Timing Synchronization Scheme for Smart Grid Applications

Mohammad Kamrul Hasan, Musse Mohamud Ahmed, Aisha Hassan Abdalla Hashim, Abdur Razzaque, Shayla Islam, Biswajeet Pandey

19.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Interference Alignment in Relay-Aided Networks with Imperfect CSIT

Yue Tian, Zhanwei Wang

29.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Smart Hybrid SDN Approach for MPLS VPN Management and Adaptive Multipath Optimal Routing

Ayoub Bahnasse, Fatima Ezzahraa Louhab, Azeddine Khiat, Abdelmajid Badri, Mohamed Talea, Bishwajeet Pandey

01.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Design and Evaluation of a Multihoming-Based Mobility Management Scheme to Support Inter Technology Handoff in PNEMO

Shayla Islam, Othman O. Khalifa, Aisha-Hassan Abdalla Hashim, Mohammad Kamrul Hasan, Md. Abdur Razzaque, Biswajeet Pandey

13.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Adaptive and Dynamic Mechanism for Round Length Determination in Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Walid Osamy, Ahmed M. Khedr

02.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Maximum Probable Clock Offset Estimation (MPCOE) to Reduce Time Synchronization Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks

Divya Upadhyay, Ashwani Kumar Dubey

29.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Detailed Analysis of Water Vapor with All Isotopologues, Air Gas Mixtures and Air Molecules at Terahertz Range

Mustafa Alper Akkaş

15.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Cross-Layer Energy Based Clustering Technique for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Sukhchandan Randhawa, Sushma Jain

16.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

IETF-based Finite Automaton for Service Composition in Service Function Chaining

Pouya Khosravian, Sima Emadi, Ghasem Mirjalily, Behzad Zamani

30.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

A Non-cooperative Uplink Power Control for CDMA Wireless Communication System

Ali Farzamnia, Eng Soo Yew, Ervin Gubin Moung

07.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Traffic Congestion Identification and Reduction

Brijesh Kumar Chaurasia, Wellington S. Manjoro, Mradul Dhakar

16.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

SoS-RPL: Securing Internet of Things Against Sinkhole Attack Using RPL Protocol-Based Node Rating and Ranking Mechanism

Mina Zaminkar, Reza Fotohi

30.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

A Quantitative Analysis of Spectrum Efficiency of Various Diversity Combining Schemes in the Presence of Co-channel Interference

Vidhyacharan Bhaskar, S. Thai Subha, Subhashini Janarthanan

12.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

An Adaptive Secure and Efficient Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Bata Krishna Tripathy, Swagat Kumar Jena, Padmalochan Bera, Satyabrata Das

29.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Security Analysis and Enhancement of the Most Recent RFID Protocol for Telecare Medicine Information System

Xiuqing Chen, Deqin Geng, Jingxuan Zhai, Wei Liu, Hongwei Zhang, Tingting Zhu

28.04.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Design and Analysis of Multiband Antenna for Wireless Communication

Manish Sharma

15.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Techno-economic Comparison of Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Network (SDN) Cost Models in 5G Networks

Christos Bouras, Anastasia Kollia, Eleftheria Maligianni

06.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Experimental Analysis and Evaluation of RaptorQ Codes for Video Multicasting Over Wi-Fi

Berna Bulut

08.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Comment on “Improved DV-Hop Algorithm Using Locally Weighted Linear Regression in Anisotropic Wireless Sensor Networks”

Xinwang Wan, Zhongqian Chen, Lixiang Shen, Zhencheng Yang

04.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Pinning Synchronization of Independent Chaotic Systems on Complex Networks with Double Delays

Fuzhong Nian, Jia Li

26.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Biocyber Interface-Based Privacy for Internet of Bio-nano Things

Aya El-Fatyany, Hongzhi Wang, Saied M. Abd El-atty, Mehak Khan

13.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Subcarrier Wise Scheduling Methods for Multi-antenna and Multi-carrier Systems

Prabina Pattanayak

13.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Comparison of Data-Driven Models for Cleaning eHealth Sensor Data: Use Case on ECG Signal

Ana Koren, Marko Jurčević, Ramjee Prasad

06.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Performance Metrics for Positioning Terminals Based on a GNSS in Autonomous Vehicle Networks

Jamal Raiyn

06.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

LoRa-Based WSNs Construction and Low-Power Data Collection Strategy for Wetland Environmental Monitoring

Yuchen Jia

06.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Improving GPS Receivers Positioning in Weak Signal Environments Based on Fuzzy SSMF-FFT and Fuzzy Kalman Filter

Malihe Heydarnia, Mohammad-Reza Mosavi, Narjes Rahemi

04.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

An Eight-Element Frequency Reconfigurable MIMO Slot Antenna with Multi-band Tuning Characteristics

Sharjeel Riaz, Xiongwen Zhao

04.08.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

WLAN Bandwidth-Based Handoff from WLAN to Cellular Network Assisted by Ad hoc Relaying

M. Shiri, R. Berangi, P. Khadivi

15.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Distributed Antenna Systems for VHF Maritime Communications

Joonwoo Shin

13.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

The Research of Slot Adaptive 4D Network Clustering Algorithm Based on UAV Autonomous Formation and Reconfiguration

Xin Jin, Wenzhong Lou, Jinkui Wang, Yonghui Shi

08.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Fault-Tolerant UAV Data Acquisition Schemes

Temesgen Seyoum Alemayehu, Jai-Hoon Kim, Wonsik Yoon

28.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Internet of Things (IoT), Applications and Challenges: A Comprehensive Review

Abhishek Khanna, Sanmeet Kaur

08.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Performance Evaluation of the Networks with Wi-Fi based TDMA Coexisting with CSMA/CA

Xiaofan Guo, Sishan Wang, Haiying Zhou, Jun Xu, Yongqing Ling, Jiaqi Cui

15.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Energy Efficient Resource Scheduling Using Optimization Based Neural Network in Mobile Cloud Computing

Praveena Akki, V. Vijayarajan

22.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Certificateless based Quantum Cryptosystem for Ad-Hoc UWB-IR

Jamel Miri, Bechir Nsiri, Ridha Bouallegue

09.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Estimation of Channel State Information (CSI) in Cell-Free Massive MIMO Based on Time of Arrival (ToA)

Aqiel Almamori, Seshadri Mohan

22.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Troubleshooting of Handover Problems in 900 MHz for Speech Quality

Ibrahim Bahadir Basyigit, Habib Dogan

11.05.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Design and Analysis of Triple-Band Rectangular Microstrip Antenna Loaded with Notches and Slots for Wireless Applications

Ramesh Kumar Verma, D. K. Srivastava

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