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Wireless Personal Communications

Wireless Personal Communications 3/2012

Ausgabe 3/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 15 Artikel )

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Performance of Transmit Antenna Selection and Maximal-Ratio Combining in Dual Hop Amplify-and-Forward Relay Network over Nakagami-m Fading Channels

Ahmet Yılmaz, Oğuz Kucur

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

MIMO Detection Techniques Based on Low Complexity Adaptive QR-Decomposition with M-Algorithm for 3GPP LTE Systems

Bing Hui, Manar Mohaisen, Dongkeol Han, KyungHi Chang, YoungSeok Baek, Bontae Koo

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Discussion on Strategies for Adaptive Dynamical Clustering in Cooperative Multi-point Downlink Transmission Systems

Shang-hui Xiao

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Characteristics of Channels of IEEE 802.15.4 Compliant Sensor Networks

Thanh-Dien Tran, Ricardo Silva, David Nunes, Jorge Sa Silva

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Performance Analysis of Space-Time Block Codes with Transmit Antenna Selection in Nakagami-m Fading Channels

Ahmet F. Coşkun, Oğuz Kucur, İbrahim Altunbaş

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012 Open Access

Very Simple BICM-ID Using Repetition Code and Extended Mapping with Doped Accumulator

Khoirul Anwar, Tad Matsumoto

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Cooperative Spectrum Sharing based on Amplify and Forward Relaying in Cognitive Radio Networks

Zhong Chen, Xian-Da Zhang

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

A Novel Haar Wavelet-Based BPSK OFDM System Robust to Spectral Null Channels and with Reduced PAPR

Xin-Lin Huang, Gang Wang, Jian Chen, Qing-Quan Sun

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Optimized Packet Scheduling Management: Maximizing Bandwidth Utilization for Next-Generation Mobile Multimedia Communications

Jui-Chi Chen

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Downlink System Capacity Analysis in Distributed Antenna Systems

Jun-Bo Wang, Jin-Yuan Wang, Ming Chen

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Microwave Signal Attenuation Over Terrestrial Link at 26 GHz in Malaysia

Sharul Kamal Abdul Rahim, Tharek Abd Rahman, Kim Geok Tan, Ahmed Wasif Reza

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

A Novel Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm for IEEE 802.16 TDD Mode Wireless Access Networks

Chia-Chuan Liang, Jung-Shyr Wu

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

A Robust and Cooperative MAC Protocol for IEEE 802.11a Wireless Networks

Dong-Wook Kim, Wan-Seon Lim, Young-Joo Suh

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

An Iterative Interference Alignment Scheme for the SISO Interference Channel

Hui Shen, Bin Li

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Cell Planning in WCDMA Networks for Service Specific Coverage and Load Balancing

Chae Y. Lee, Hyun M. Shin

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