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Wireless Personal Communications

Wireless Personal Communications 3/2016

Ausgabe 3/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 32 Artikel )

15.11.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Secure Wireless Image Communication Using LSB Steganography and Chaotic Baker Ciphering

Sabry S. Nassar, Nabil M. Ayad, Hamdy M. Kelash, Hala S. El-sayed, Mohsen A. M. El-Bendary, Fathi E. Abd El-Samie, Osama S. Faragallah

22.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Inter-Group Complementary Sequence Set Based on Interleaved Periodic Complementary Sequences

Zhenyu Zhang, Fengchun Tian, Fanxin Zeng, Lijia Ge, Guixin Xuan

06.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Performance Improvement Techniques for OFDM system using Software Defined Radio

B. Siva Kumar Reddy

23.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Cryptanalysis of a Hash Based Mutual RFID Tag Authentication Protocol

Da-Zhi Sun, Ji-Dong Zhong

20.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

An Efficient Channel Reservation Technique for Improved QoS for Mobile Communication Deployment Using High Altitude Platform

S. H. Alsamhi, N. S. Rajput

13.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

On the Security of a Self-Healing Group Key Distribution Scheme

Hua Guo, Yandong Zheng

21.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Hybrid Overlay/Underlay Transmission Scheme with Optimal Resource Allocation for Primary User Throughput Maximization in Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks

C. S. Preetham, Mutchakayala Siva Ganga Prasad

27.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Performance Evaluation of -DQPSK OFDM over Underwater Acoustic Channels

Prashant Kumar, Preetam Kumar

18.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

A Novel Design of Circular Monopole Antenna for Wireless Applications

Sumeet Singh Bhatia, Jagtar Singh Sivia

19.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Bandwidth Enhanced L-Shaped Patch Antenna with Parasitic Element for 5.8-GHz Wireless Local Area Network Applications

Lin Peng, Yu-jie Qiu, Lai-yi Luo, Xing Jiang

26.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Performance Analysis of Energy Efficient Virtual Back Bone Path Based Cluster Routing Protocol for WSN

E. Golden Julie, S. Tamilselvi, Y. Harold Robinson

20.09.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Performance Evaluation of Dynamic Burst Mapping in a WiMAX System

Rudzidatul Akmam Dziyauddin, Angela Doufexi, Dritan Kaleshi, Suriani Mohd Sam, Norliza Mohamed

25.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Randomized Graph Coloring Algorithm for Physical Cell ID Assignment in LTE-A Femtocellular Networks

Ajay Pratap, Rajiv Misra, Utkarsh Gupta

10.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

The Application of RFID to Healthcare Management of Nursing House

Yu-Ting Liao, Tzer-Long Chen, Tzer-Shyong Chen, Zheng-Hong Zhong, Jen-Hung Hwang

25.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

LPWS Algorithm for Wideband Spectrum Sensing

Fulai Liu, Ruiyan Du

23.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Dominant Interferers in Cognitive Radio Network

Yee-Loo Foo

28.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016 Open Access

Empirical Models of the Azimuthal Reception Angle—Part II: Adaptation of the Empirical Models in Analytical and Simulation Studies

Cezary Ziółkowski, Jan M. Kelner

02.09.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Improved Hierarchical Key Management Scheme (IHKMS) with Three Phase Technique for Ad-Hoc Networks

Osama S. Faragallah, S. F. El-Zoghdy

08.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Noise Robust Speaker Identification Using RASTA–MFCC Feature with Quadrilateral Filter Bank Structure

S. Selva Nidhyananthan, R. Shantha Selva Kumari, T. Senthur Selvi

23.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

An Authentication Protocol Based on Quantum Key Distribution Using Decoy-State Method for Heterogeneous IoT

Hongyang Ma, Bingquan Chen

09.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Using Improved Product-Coded Modulation Codes to Reduce the Peak-to-Average Power Ratio in Single-Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access Systems

Hsin-Ying Liang, Cheng-Ying Yang, Kuang-Hao Lin, Chia-Hsin Cheng

29.08.2016 | Erratum | Ausgabe 3/2016

Erratum to: Using Improved Product-Coded Modulation Codes to Reduce the Peak-to-Average Power Ratio in Single-Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access Systems

Hsin-Ying Liang, Cheng-Ying Yang, Kuang-Hao Lin, Chia-Hsin Cheng

02.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

A Secure and Robust Smartcard-Based Authentication Scheme for Session Initiation Protocol Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Dheerendra Mishra, Ashok Kumar Das, Sourav Mukhopadhyay, Mohammad Wazid

29.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Comparative Performance Investigation of Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Outlines applied in Cognitive Radio Systems

Mithra Venkatesan, Anju Vijay Kumar Kulkarni

18.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Double Codebook Estimation and Feedback with Outdated CSI

Dan Wang, Yu Liu, Yong Liao

02.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Evaluation of Conventional and Wavelet Based OFDM System for ICI Cancellation

Naresh Kumar, Balwinder S. Sohi

29.07.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

A Low-Complexity Rank Indicator Determination Method for the LTE System

Chi-Min Li, Wei-Wen Tsao, Pao-Jen Wang

02.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

A Lightweight Public Verifiable Multi Secret Sharing Scheme Using Short Integer Solution

Massoud Hadian Dehkordi, Reza Ghasemi

15.09.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

Performance of Dynamic Access Class Barring Method in Cellular M2M Networks

Lilatul Ferdouse, Alagan Anpalagan, Mohan Nadarajah

02.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

A Data Transmitting Scheme Based on Improved AODV and RSU-Assisted Forwarding for Large-Scale VANET

Licai Yang, Haiqing Liu

03.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

A Blind Recognition Algorithm for Real Orthogonal STBC MC-CDMA Underdetermined Systems Based on LPCA and SCA

Bui Quang Chung, Zhang Tian Qi, Alina Labitzke

02.08.2016 | Ausgabe 3/2016

An Adaptive Modulation Technique for Wireless Image Sequence Transmission

Beomkeun Shin, Hyobeen Park, Yunho Jung, Seongjoo Lee

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