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Wireless Personal Communications

Wireless Personal Communications 3/2020

Ausgabe 3/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 46 Artikel )

25.03.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Medical Data Security for Healthcare Applications Using Hybrid Lightweight Encryption and Swarm Optimization Algorithm

K. Tamilarasi, A. Jawahar

25.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Estimating Symbol Duration of Long-Code Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Signals at a Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Zhi-Tao Huang, Jiang-Hai Liang, Xiang Wang

09.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

An Efficient Compressive Sensing Routing Scheme for Internet of Things Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Ahmed Aziz, Karan Singh, Walid Osamy, Ahmed M. Khedr

28.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Energy-Efficiency-Based Power Allocation Scheme in Multi-user Single-DF-Relay Cognitive Networks

Xianru Liu, Wenhao Du

06.07.2020 | Correction | Ausgabe 3/2020

Correction to: Energy-Efficiency-Based Power Allocation Scheme in Multi-user Single-DF-Relay Cognitive Networks

Xianru Liu, Wenhao Du

02.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

A Weight-Based Resource Scheduling Algorithm for Uplink LTE-A Femtocell Network

Abdullah Omar Arafat, Mark A. Gregory

26.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

An Energy-Efficient Model of Random Cognitive Radio Network: Rayleigh-Lognormal Environment

Saifur Rahman Sabuj, Tabassum E Nur, Masanori Hamamura

15.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Flexible Wearable Pre-fractal Antennas for Personal High-Temperature Monitoring

Paulo F. Silva Junior, Ewaldo E. C. Santana, Mauro S. S. Pinto, Raimundo C. S. Freire, Maciel A. Oliveira, Glauco Fontgalland, Paulo H. F. Silva

11.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

UWB Fractal Antennas with Low Group Delay Variation

Bazil Taha Ahmed, Daniel Brande Hernández

23.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020 Open Access

Is Localization of Wireless Sensor Networks in Irregular Fields a Challenge?

Soumya J. Bhat, K. V. Santhosh

12.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Different Energy Saving Schemes in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

Sultan Mahmood Chowdhury, Ashraf Hossain

26.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

A Compact Rectangular Ultra-Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna with Double Band Notch Feature at Wi-Max and WLAN

Chandraveer Singh, Gaurav Kumawat

27.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

A Full Connectable and High Scalable Key Pre-distribution Scheme Based on Combinatorial Designs for Resource-Constrained Devices in IoT Network

Akbar Morshed Aski, Hamid Haj Seyyed Javadi, Gholam Hassan Shirdel

19.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

UF0MC-IOTA Based Cognitive Radio Transceiver

R. Dayana, P. Malarvezhi, K. Vadivukkarasi, R. Kumar

15.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

A Comprehensive Survey on Autonomous Driving Cars: A Perspective View

S. Devi, P. Malarvezhi, R. Dayana, K. Vadivukkarasi

20.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

SecDL: QoS-Aware Secure Deep Learning Approach for Dynamic Cluster-Based Routing in WSN Assisted IoT

S. Sujanthi, S. Nithya Kalyani

12.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Effect of Co-channel Interference on Two-Way Untrustworthy Relay Selection

Parvaneh Shams

18.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Cross Layer QoS Guaranteed Fault Tolerance for Data Transmission in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

C. Shyamala, M. Geetha Priya, K. A. Sumithra Devi

19.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

An Improved Technique for Face Age Progression and Enhanced Super-Resolution with Generative Adversarial Networks

Neha Sharma, Reecha Sharma, Neeru Jindal

15.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

An Overview of Patient’s Health Status Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things (IoT)

Kadhim Takleef Kadhim, Ali M. Alsahlany, Salim Muhsin Wadi, Hussein T. Kadhum

17.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Finger Forwarding Scheme to Reduce Lookup Cost in Structured P2P Networks

Mahendra Singh, Chiranjeev Kumar, Prem Nath

27.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

SEPAR: A New Lightweight Hybrid Encryption Algorithm with a Novel Design Approach for IoT

Arsalan Vahi, Somaye Jafarali Jassbi

18.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Improving Throughput in Lossy Wired/Wireless Networks

Taha Saedi, Hosam El-Ocla

17.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

FROG-MAC: A Fragmentation Based MAC Scheme for Prioritized Heterogeneous Traffic in Wireless Sensor Networks

Anwar Ahmed Khan, Shama Siddiqui, Sayeed Ghani

23.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Heuristic Relay-Node Selection in Opportunistic Network Using RNN-LSTM Based Mobility Prediction

C. P. Koushik, P. Vetrivelan

11.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Reliability and Mobility Load Balancing in Next Generation Self-organized Networks: Using Stochastic Learning Automata

Amin Mohajer, Maryam Bavaghar, Hamid Farrokhi

19.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Multi-Featured and Fuzzy Based Dual Analysis Approach to Optimize the Subspace Clustering for Images

Kapil Juneja

15.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

A 2 × 40 Gbps Mode Division Multiplexing Based Inter-satellite Optical Wireless Communication (IsOWC) System

Amit Grover, Anu Sheetal

23.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Dynamic Relationship-Zone Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks

Yan-Zhi Hu, Feng-Bin Zhang, Tian Tian

24.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Inter Radio Access Technology [IRAT] Handover Algorithms for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

S. Reddy Vamshidhar Reddy, Sanjay Dhar Roy

19.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Isolation of DDoS Attack in IoT: A New Perspective

Upendra Kumar, Shreyshi Navaneet, Neeraj Kumar, Subhash Chandra Pandey

16.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Image-Based Camera Localization Algorithm for Smartphone Cameras Based on Reference Objects

Fazliddin Jabborov, Jinsoo Cho

27.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Performance Analysis in Double-Rayleigh Channels with Diversity Combining Techniques

Mohamed Lassaad Ammari, Sébastien Roy

15.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Flocking of UAV Formation with Wireless Ultraviolet Communication

Taifei Zhao, Ying Xie, Shan Xu, Jing Wang, Hua Wang

14.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Network Based on Composite Fuzzy Methods

Y. M. Raghavendra, U. B. Mahadevaswamy

17.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Route Availability with QoE and QoS Metrics for Data Analysis of Video Stream Over a Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

V. Kalpana, S. Karthik

19.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

A Priority-Aware Anonymous Handover Authentication Protocol for Wireless Communications

Guangsong Li, Yongbin Zeng, Hui Guang, Gang Yu

10.08.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

BiLSTM Based Reinforcement Learning for Resource Allocation and User Association in LTE-U Networks

Zhikun Luo, Guanding Yu

05.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Joint RSSD/AOA Source Localization: Bias Analysis and Asymptotically Efficient Estimator

Ali Heydari, Masoudreza Aghabozorgi

25.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Implementation of an Efficient Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Node Localization in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Assisted Wireless Sensor Networks

Visalakshi Annepu, A. Rajesh

04.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

A Combined Approach of DPD and CFR in F-OFDM System

Minjie Qing, Zhinian Luo

08.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

SDN-Based Centralized Channel Assignment Scheme Using Clustering in Dense WLAN Environments

Tahira Mahboob, Hwi Young Lee, Minsu Shin, Min Young Chung

10.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Performance Analysis of Free Space Optical Networks Using the Beta-Average Recursive Estimator

Haroun Errachid Adardour, Samir Kameche

04.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Secrecy Analysis of Cooperative Vehicular Relaying Networks over Double-Rayleigh Fading Channels

Anshul Pandey, Suneel Yadav

01.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Towards Ensuring Reliability of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using a Relay Selection Techniques and D2D Communications in 5G Networks

Salman Goli-Bidgoli, Naser Movahhedinia

02.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Nearest Distance Based Downlink Rate Modeling in Hyper-dense Heterogeneous Wireless Cell Networks

Shu guang Fang

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