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TBI2Flow: Travel behavioral inertia based long-term taxi passenger flow prediction

Taxis are one of the representative modes of traffic systems. However, with the emergence of shared cars led by DiDi and Uber in recent years, the traditional taxi companies are facing unprecedented competitions. Without personalized data …


Optimal placement of barrier coverage in heterogeneous bistatic radar sensor networks

Barrier Coverage is an important sensor deployment issue in many industrial, consumer and military applications.The barrier coverage in bistatic radar sensor networks has attracted many researchers recently. The Bistatic Radars (BR) consist of …


End-to-End latent-variable task-oriented dialogue system with exact log-likelihood optimization

We propose an end-to-end dialogue model based on a hierarchical encoder-decoder, which employed a discrete latent variable to learn underlying dialogue intentions. The system is able to model the structure of utterances dominated by statistics of …


Efficient and robust data augmentation for trajectory analytics: a similarity-based approach

Trajectories between the same origin and destination (OD) offer valuable information for us to better understand the diversity of moving behaviours and the intrinsic relationships between the moving objects and specific locations. However, due to …


A lightweight and cost effective edge intelligence architecture based on containerization technology

The integration of Cloud computing and Internet of Things led to rapid growth in the edge computing field. This would not be achievable without combining the data centers’ managing systems with much more restrained technologies. One significantly …

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World Wide Web: Internet and Web Information Systems (WWW) is an international, archival, peer-reviewed journal that covers all aspects of the Web, including issues related to architectures, applications, Internet and Web information systems, and communities. It provides in-depth coverage of the most recent developments in the Web, enabling readers to keep up-to-date with this dynamically changing technology. The journal also focuses on all database- and information-system topics that relate to the Internet and the Web, particularly on ways to model, design, develop, integrate, and manage these systems.

Appearing quarterly, the journal publishes papers describing original ideas and new results, vision papers, reviews of important techniques in related areas, innovative application papers, and progress reports on major research projects. It offers the ideal forum for researchers, professionals, and industrial practitioners to share their rapidly developing knowledge and report on new advances.

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